Britnee Berman

About Britnee Berman

I'm an Account Specialist at JumpFly. I’ve been working in digital marketing since 2017, but I have a background in creative studies and graphic design. Using both my analytical and creative halves, I view every challenge through a creative problem-solving lens. Discovering new ways to help a client capitalize on opportunities really inspires me to push myself. I love that the digital ad space is always changing, and that there’s never one clear path to reach a solution. When I’m not tearing through spreadsheets and optimizing accounts, I let my right brain take over and lose myself in creative textile projects. The only engine I love more than Google is the one in my Brother sewing machine.

5 Ways to Find Negative Keywords

Negative keywords can trim ad spend and improve ad position and revenue. But how do you find them? These five methods will help you discover the negative keywords you need to whittle down irrelevant keyword matching. [...]

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Why and How to Use Negative Keywords

Welcome to Google Advertising, where your keyword choices don’t matter… unless you have effective negatives in place. Far too many advertisers neglect using negative keywords to their full potential, or don’t use them at all. When [...]

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