Pay Per Click
Account Structure & Performance Audit

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Spending over $5,000/month on PPC Ads at Google, Facebook or Amazon? Request a custom Audit from a qualified JumpFly professional. Identify structural concerns, wasted spend and performance-based opportunities. Learn the value that JumpFly PPC management can provide your business.

Areas reviewed during the audit

Account Structure

Account Framework

Feature Usage

Ad Copy

Quality Scores

Keywords, Match Types & Negatives


Landing Pages

Ad Extensions

Active Account Management

Account Performance

Click-Through Rates

Conversion Tracking

Revenue Tracking

Results-Based Trends

Impression Share

Search Results

Display Performance

Mobile Optimization

Ad Success

Every Audit is Completed By a Qualified Human

This is not an automated, computer generated audit. We recognize and embrace the value of artificial intelligence, but find that actual human involvement is required to best identify potential concerns and opportunities.

Audits available in 1-2 business days.

Free Pay Per Click Audit

for Accounts Spending $5k+