Top 5 Trending Social Media Topics of 2020

In its annual topics and trends report, Facebook IQ identified focus areas in countries around the world. These five are the most prevalent.

1. Emerging Media

Vlogs, videos-on-demand (VODs), e-sports, podcasts, and streaming services are changing the way we consume media. Content is readily accessible across devices — anywhere, anytime — with something for every taste.

Stay entertained for hours binging a Netflix series or tune in to a one-hour podcast on your commute. If TV killed the radio star, then podcasts are the newest contender with 20 million more people listening than in 2018, according to the New York Times.

What It Means:

Leverage emerging media to broaden your target audience base. Consider creating short or episodic content that can be effortlessly experienced. Convey an overarching story or message across all mediums to avoid any disconnect.

2. Maker Movement

Say goodbye to the traditional art gallery as creators experiment with technology to cultivate new, immersive media, like 3D printing. Social media is inspiring emerging artists all over the world, enabling them to engage with broader audiences, learn new skills from video tutorials, and acquire materials more easily than before.

The recent popularity of the do-it-yourself, handmade culture could tie back to the desire to add a “a personal touch to their digital work in a highly digitized world,” according to Brenda Milis, a principal at Adobe Stock. 

What It Means:

Partner with creative influencers or local artists to add an authentic flair to your brand. Hubspot reports that hiring a micro influencer in 2020 can generate up to “22.2x more weekly conversions” compared to recommendations from an average consumer.

But authenticity can stem from more than just influencers. Look for creative ways to adapt your offering to the audience’s needs. For example, Brewery Vivant partnered with a local agency to create a buzz-worthy braille beer label for their collaboration with SiTE:LAB’s disabled artists exhibit last fall.

3. Green Is the New Black

People are becoming hyper-focused on the environmental impact of their actions. Consumers are switching up their everyday routines for more conscientious, eco-friendly alternatives and expecting businesses to do the same.

Interest in self-sustainability is taking form in hobbies such as beekeeping and indoor horticulture. People are rediscovering the wonders of nature through backpacking, hiking, and mountaineering. Diets are adopting more natural ingredients and less meat in an effort to move away from harmful animal byproducts such as methane. According to Forbes, Nielsen data indicates that “supermarket sales of meat alternatives grew 19% to $878 million last year.”

What It Means:

People want to support eco-friendly corporations. Cleaner production, recyclable materials, and charitable donations are some of the great ways your brand can make a difference.
Major companies, like Starbucks, have made the switch from plastic straws to recyclable lids, and Sweden’s fashion week was canceled, in part, to promote the need for sustainability in the fashion industry. Don’t forget to share your brand’s efforts in social media and email campaigns as well, so that your customers know that your brand is part of the solution.

4. Wellness Awareness

In addition to improving the world we live in, we also want to improve ourselves. Having a healthy mind and body can lead to a happier, more fulfilling life. People are relying on technology to track their fitness goals, scan product labels, and even practice mindfulness with meditation apps.
The top 10 highest-earning meditation apps accrued $195 million in 2019 with a 52% year-over-year increase, according to Sensor Tower’s research. Consumers are also using tech to check for harmful ingredients in everything from food to skincare products.

What It Means:

Consider ways to incorporate hardware or software technology to highlight the short- and long-term benefits of your product or service. Technology can also make your offering more sticky, encouraging brand loyalty as your customers use it again and again.

5. Seize the Moment

Following the interest in living a healthier lifestyle, people are celebrating the simple pleasures in a bustling, chaotic world. Enjoying fitness clubs, relaxing with bath salts, and indulging in artisan coffee are just a few ways we’re treating ourselves.

Subscription boxes and self-care kits are flying off the digital shelf, with Google searches rising 140% from 2014. The ease and convenience allows buyers more time to unwind than if they had to research and purchase each product individually.

What It Means:
Offer a unique experience that requires little effort or instruction. Lush, the cosmetics company, makes breaking open a bath bomb an instant spa day with a colorful, aromatic surprise in every product. Seasonal and limited availability give a fresh spin for returning customers. Sometimes providing the best customer service in your industry is enough to create a lasting, positive impression.

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