Social Media Advertising Case Studies That Will Inspire Your Next Campaign

Social media is and always has been unique in its ability to develop meaningful connections with users. Every day, advertisers strike gold with impactful social media strategies that change the way customers think about and interact with brands. This is true even for ads, as social media drives results otherwise unreachable through other advertising tactics. Below, we’ll dive into case studies that drive home the possible impacts of social media advertising firsthand and highlight the creativity and success of different platforms.

  1. If You’re Interested in Meta…

Meta is a unique solution for a variety of businesses, ranging from B2C brands offering niche services to traditional e-commerce brands selling socks through Shopify. SweetPlaid’s case study is a perfect example of taking advantage of new products to test while maintaining a strong, consistent strategy and seeing substantial returns.

  1. If You’re Interested in TikTok…

TikTok is a true melting pot on social media that reaches young and old alike and can get your brand in front of users you never got close to reaching before. In this example, Blendjet utilized the power of video and creator partnerships to achieve favorable results with TikTok’s expansive audience. 

  1. If You’re Interested in Snapchat…

Full-screen, immersive ads on Snapchat are quick to inspire action and engagement. Snapchat ads are borderline interruptive yet still playful enough to achieve results. Pit Viper is an impressionable example of how strong creative and thoughtful targeting has the potential to drive an impressive ROAS on Snapchat. 

  1. If You’re Interested in Pinterest…

Instead of mindless scrolling, users come to Pinterest to discover what they like while browsing through a feed built personally for them. This ultra-personalized platform is a win-win for users and brands alike, as Scotch & Soda discovered in this case study. Utilizing a full-funnel strategy, this brand was able to achieve results that were otherwise unachievable with other campaigns. 

  1. If You’re Interested in LinkedIn…

LinkedIn is the undisputed leader as the most popular choice for driving quality leads but can serve as a solution for a variety of brands. In this example featuring Knotch, the brand utilized an organic strategy in tandem with a paid strategy that led to not only an increase in the number of leads but also quality, leading to more valuable conversions. 

  1. If You’re Interested in Twitter…

Twitter is a great option for brands looking to drive conversations with their audience in a more direct way than on other social media platforms. Subaru successfully used Twitter to tap into a key market of dog lovers while employing strategies that exceeded campaign benchmarks across the board. 

The case studies outlined here are only a few of the many inspiring stories of how social media can ultimately become an invaluable branch of your marketing mix. Some of our own clients at JumpFly have found success themselves utilizing the methods outlined in the case studies listed above. If you’re interested in learning how JumpFly clients have specifically found success, read on below! 

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