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Really Good Stuff - Case Study


Teacher-created classroom solutions

Really Good Stuff is an ecommerce brand offering a wide variety of supplies for teachers, including classroom organizational products, furniture, games, equipment, arts and crafts and more. Because budgets are often tight and many teachers lack these items or pay for them out of their own pockets, the company created Wishing Well, where teachers can choose to create Wish Lists of needed supplies, and anyone can choose to contribute to it.


Reaching teachers and parents

Really Good Stuff wanted to boost awareness of its brand and its Wishing Well program among teachers during back-to-school season, and encourage parents and other supporters in the community to purchase items from teachers’ Wish Lists.


Using a three-phase strategy

To meet its campaign goals, Really Good Stuff built a three-phase Facebook ad strategy. In phase one, the team used the video views objective to drive brand awareness among teachers, and in phase two, it chose the conversions objective to encourage teachers to sign up with Wishing Well and create Wish Lists. In phase three, the team used the conversions objective to encourage contributions from parents. Really Good Stuff partnered with its agency, JumpFly, who managed the strategy and executed the campaigns.

An example of video ad creative from the phase one and two campaigns featured a fourth-grade teacher who enthused: “I just started my first Wishing Well project two days ago and checked this morning and $500 of it was already funded. That’s about 25% of the entire project. This is awesome, you need to use it!” 

In phase three, the team ran video and photo ads. An example was a photo ad in carousel format, where each carousel card explained the process, such as: “Find Wish Lists by school name, teacher, grade, subject, zip code or interactive map” and “Feel the impact your donation has made with updates from the teachers you support.”

In phases one and three, Really Good Stuff showed ads to US adults aged 21 and over, including parents of kids aged 3–17 and people interested in charities, early childhood education, teachers and classroom supplies. In phase two, it showed ads to website visitors and people who had viewed video ads during phase one. The team used automatic placements to allow Facebook to deliver ads across all placements based on which were most likely to drive the best campaign results at the lowest cost. It also used campaign budget optimization to automatically distribute the budget across the best-performing ad sets in real time.


Learning about great results

Really Good Stuff determined the results for this August 4–September 30, 2021 campaign using a Facebook brand lift study, which revealed:

  • 12-point increase in purchase intent
  • 7.2-point increase in campaign awareness
  • 15-point increase in ad recall

Read More about Our work on Facebook’s Case Studies page: 



  • Custom Audiences
  • Automatic Placements

Ad Formats:

  • Carousel Ads (10+ images)
  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads


Increase In Purchase Intent

7.2 %

Increase in Campaign Awareness


Increase in Ad recall

"We started promoting Wishing Well on Facebook right around its launch, and approximately 1,600 Wishing Well projects were created in the past three months. As one of the top paid channels for marketing this initiative, Facebook was a major contributor to this success by providing us with an efficient way to reach audiences where we know they’re interacting and converting."

- Cait Kelly Senior Manager, Integrated Digital Marketing, Really Good Stuff

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