The Importance of Creative Variation in Ads Since the iOS 14 Update (With Infographic)

If you are staying in tune with the digital marketing landscape, then you may have heard of the recent Apple iOS14 update. If you haven’t heard much, here’s a quick recap:

The update was officially launched in January of 2021. Since its implementation and continuous rollout, advertisers on social media platforms across the board have experienced its effects. 
The iOS14 update enables users to opt-out of data tracking, which limits advertisers’ visibility into those users’ online activity. You may see the effects of this Apple update most prominently in your performance data since it has most dramatically affected conversion tracking and remarketing audience sizes. (To learn more about what’s changed and why it’s important, read our blog here.)

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Now, let’s dive deeper into what this Apple iOS14 update means for advertisers and how your ad creative can drive better results.

The Power is in Creative Variation

Since the iOS 14 update rolled out, the many levers we were once able to pull as advertisers are now limited. Creative is one essential lever we still have the power to employ. Time to roll up our sleeves and crank out some content! 

Whether it be variation in copy, visuals, or ad format, it is more important than ever to keep churning out new and refreshing ads. Graphics and video with bright colors, eye-catching elements, or trending themes can help enhance your ads strategy and increase performance. 

With the many unknowns still circulating the digital world in regards to the iOS 14 update, creative is a key piece that can contribute to better performance. The more creative you have to work with, the faster you can implement changes to meet or exceed your goals. 

Need some content ideas? Take a look at our blog for a little inspiration. 

Update Your Creative Assets Early & Often

When it comes to creatives, variety, and recency, go hand-in-hand. You may have noticed your digital ads agency or in-house ads specialist frequently begging you for more creative assets. That is because the more often you update ad creative, the more potential you have for improved performance. 

For example, imagine you are Jordan, the owner of Jordan’s Kitchen Supply Co., and you are running an ad directed towards an audience of cooking lovers. The ad was doing great! You were selling out of every bowl, spatula, and mixer in stock, but then you noticed that performance started to taper off a month later. You also saw that its frequency was going through the roof. Not to worry, your creative team already had a new graphic ready and implemented a new ad in its place, showing your prospective buyers something fresh. 

Having updated creative on-hand or prepping for a new creative refresh every four to six weeks will keep prospective and returning buyers engaged with your ad content. As we like to say, the more, the merrier when it comes to social ad creative assets.

Don’t Be Afraid to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Never fear testing into things you may not have done before. Sometimes those out-of-the-box ideas are the ones that win over the crowd. Experiment with exciting visuals, user-generated content, gifs, or videos. Maybe even test out some new features like Instagram Reels or Story Poll ads. The opportunities for trying new things are nearly endless when it comes to social advertising.   

Optimize Creative to Fit Best Practices 

Optimize! Optimize! Optimize! Your ads on Facebook alone have the potential to reach prospective customers on all sorts of platforms in various placements. Developing creative assets to fit into each placement dimension is critical for ensuring your ads fit seamlessly into the feed they are being viewed on. The better they fit, the greater their potential for success.

Now, go get those creative juices flowing! We can’t wait to hear your next big idea.

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