How to Use Instagram Reels to Make Powerful Facebook Ad Content

An effective creative strategy is the heart of any impactful Facebook advertising campaign. No one quite knows the secret to the perfect creative strategy, but one thing is for sure: Facebook users love seeing videos in their feed. 

Producing more substantial results than alternative formats available to Facebook advertisers, video ads drive up to double the number of clicks than image ads and result in an average engagement rate of 6.09% compared to the 1-2% engagement of other ad types. That being said, simply running any video doesn’t guarantee a performance improvement — your video must look nice while catching attention quickly. 

There are countless ways to make eye-catching video ads; Facebook’s own Video Creation Kit,, and Canva, to name a few. One tool, in particular, Instagram Reels, is making it easier than ever to make videos that stand out from the crowd.

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels was introduced in August of 2020 and initially was created to make entertaining 15-30 second videos for Instagram Stories using audio, effects, and other creative tools. It is still relatively new to the advertising world, but that hasn’t stopped many brands from using it to boost their campaigns.

What are the Benefits of Using Instagram Reels?

The most hidden advantage of using Instagram Reels to create video ads for Facebook is that since it was a tool created for an organic audience, Instagram Reels videos blend in seamlessly with organic content. Facebook users utilize Instagram Reels themselves to make content to share with the world.

The other significant advantage of Instagram Reels is the intuitive nature of the program. Since it’s used by Instagram and Facebook users every day, it was designed to be easy and intuitive enough for anyone to use. It does that and more without losing out on more advanced editing features.

4 Tips for Utilizing Instagram Reels in Your Video Ads

  1. Align Your Shots: When shooting multiple individual clips to make one whole video, it can be challenging to ensure the shots line up well together. Instagram Reels makes creating seamless transitions from shot to shot easy with the align tool. Simply line up objects from your previous clip before recording your next, and Instagram will do the rest.
  2. Use Augmented Reality (AR) to Get Noticed: Make your video pop with AR effects using the Instagram effect gallery. Choose from a wide variety of eye-catching effects created by Instagram and creators from all over the world. 
  3. Choose Your Speed: According to Facebook, the best videos are 15 seconds or less. Make the most of your 15 seconds by speeding up or slowing down parts of your video or audio. This helps you emphasize the important parts of your video without sacrificing valuable footage. 
  4. Level Up with Audio: Make your ad stand out with sound using the Instagram music library or using your original audio. You should optimize your ad for sound off as well, but using audio in your ad can be a powerful way to entice users to pay attention as they scroll. 

Whatever your product or service, there is a creative opportunity awaiting you on Instagram Reels. Shooting and editing videos with this intuitive, creative tool will help make your Facebook ads stand out against the competition. You’ve got nothing to lose except sales!

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