7 Tips for Using Facebook Poll and Instagram Polling Sticker Ads

We like to be asked for our opinions. We like to be offered choices and given options. Do you prefer a vacation by the mountains or near the ocean? Do you like summer or winter? Coffee or tea? It uncovers a little about ourselves, and when in the right setting, it will connect us to other like-minded people or lead us to discover new products and services. 

If you have been looking to diversify your Facebook ad formats or make your ads more engaging to attract new customers, consider adding Facebook Poll Ads and Instagram Polling Sticker ads to your ad mix. Brands can use these interactive ads to gain insights from prospects and customers, increase engagement, brand awareness, and conversions. For example, in five out of nine brand lift studies, Facebook observed poll ads increased brand awareness compared to video ads.

Now that you’ve decided to give Poll ads a try, here are seven tips and reminders.

  1. Make sure the creative is 9:16 aspect ratio on Instagram: The vertical format feels native and authentic, which can lead to more viewers voting on your poll. Facebook poll ads support square videos.
  2. A poll is not a quiz: You have 80 characters to form a question that doesn’t have a correct answer. Shorter polls tend to perform better. An example might be “Which would you choose?” 
  3. Provide two options for your poll: Each response option can be up to 24 characters. Example responses can be “AISLE SEAT” and “WINDOW SEAT.” Feel free to add some flair to your responses!
  4. Use emojis: Have some fun with emojis if you run out of character space or to enhance your polling question. Some brands will use arrows (⬅️  ➡️  or ⬆️  ⬇️ )  to point voters to the options visually.
  5. Carefully consider your landing page. In order to drive positive ROAS, poll ads should be paired with a conversion-optimized landing page.
  6. Repurpose your existing creative: Split the screen either horizontally or vertically, and add two images to display the options. Using existing creatives, you can drop in the images. It’s a good idea to test a couple of pieces of existing images or videos before you invest in producing any new assets. It would be frustrating (and infuriating) to have the poll cover a key part of your ad!
  7. ✨ Bonus tip ✨ Use Canva to get really creative. 

You might find it difficult to come up with a question. Here are three thought-starters.

  1. Keep the question simple. You have a few seconds to keep your viewer engaged and get them to vote. Don’t ask anything complicated.
  2. Here’s your chance to highlight your products or services. If your company sells apparel, you can use your most popular items as options.
  3. Look at your website’s FAQ or customer reviews for inspiration. 

With more shoppers scrolling and shopping on Facebook and Instagram, poll ads are a good option to test in drawing new customers to your business. So, will you give this a try?


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