26 Things to Share on Social Media When You Don’t Have Much to Say

You’ve run out of ideas for what to post on your company’s social media accounts… again. If you want to improve your social media presence and figure out what to post when you don’t think you have anything new to say, we’ve got you covered. 

The key is to share varying types of stimulating content in a consistent stream of posts. Create an organic social media plan to keep you organized and keep your organic posts fresh — it’s easier than you might think.  

No matter which social networks your business uses — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Tik Tok, or Pinterest — you can take advantage of these 26 organic content tips. As you read through them, grab a calendar and start making your own organic social posting schedule. 

Company Promotional Content 

Use your social platforms as a way to promote your brand and the products you offer. Remember, it’s important that your posts don’t come off as a sales pitch. Engage with organic social media and let your website and paid social advertising take care of converting to sales or leads. 

These types of messages should use the 80/20 rule. Share company promotional content 20% of the time, and the other 80% should be non-brand-related. Share things like:  

  • Promote upcoming events such as virtual webinars, sales, conventions, or trade shows you’ll be attending; 
  • Feature services or products your company offers; 
  • Run promotions, contests, or giveaways for products or services; 
  • Share company awards or achievements that your business is proud to share; 
  • Highlight charitable initiatives, as well as ecological, wellness, or other company programs;
  • Recycle posts about your company that previously performed well; 
  • Post product reviews featuring some of your top-rated products.

Company-branded posts are essential in creating brand awareness and, eventually, brand recognition. 

Let Your Brand’s Personality Shine Through 

While your website’s goal is to make sales, your social media should focus on the personality of your brand. Let followers peek behind the scenes to make your brand more relatable and personal. 

  • Feature team with a monthly spotlight, highlighting the employee of the month. 
  • Post pictures of your team when you have corporate events and outings. Be sure to snap a few photos, and upload them on social media. 

Topical/Current Events 

Create graphics and fun text filled with creative hashtags for special events and holidays. 

  • Holiday posts can be easily designed with Canva or another stock images site. Make sure that these dates are on your social media calendar.
  • National days give you another reason to post. Check the national day calendar to see what to celebrate each day of the year. 

Industry Experts 

Sharing industry-related news and articles is critical if you want to be seen as a knowledgeable resource to others in your industry. Some ideas include:

  • Industry articles with rich and relevant content pertaining to your business industry;
  • Blog posts from knowledgeable and respected sources; 
  • Educational content like e-books, white papers, and case studies;
  • Tips lists for solving challenges common to your industry;
  • How-to’s & tutorials can be shared as short video clips, longer videos, blogs, and infographics.
  • Relevant statistics in the form of images and infographics.

Share Content from Other Social Media Users

If you find a post worth sharing on your own social pages from a page you follow, feel free to do so. Sharing another brand’s content shows that you are engaging with the social community and encourages them to engage with you. 

  • Retweets, shares, and links, always tagging the source to give credit where it’s due and strengthen your network. It is also important to ask creators if your brand is able to utilize their photos for feed posts or ads. Story reposts are the exception to that rule.;
  • Customer reviews and testimonials converted to graphics to share with your followers;
  • User-generated content from people talking about your brand on social networks. See our article, Is User-Generated Content the Wave of the Future?

Be Responsive and Engaging 

Don’t ignore messages and comments from followers on your social channels. In fact, Facebook has a responsiveness metric that shows prominently on a business page. You want that to look impressive because it’s a reflection of how your company conducts business. Here’s what you should do to be responsive and engaging as a brand on social media. 

  • Give your customers shout-outs and love by sharing posts and tagging them;
  • Thank new followers by giving brand new fans shout-outs where you tag all of your new followers in a post;
  • Encourage followers to tag a friend by doing giveaways. This tactic can help your brand generate more brand awareness and increase visits to your organic profile.;
  • Take a poll to survey your followers on a topic. Ask your social fans a question, and provide answers that they can select;
  • Communicate with your followers by liking, sharing, and responding to their comments;
  • Respond to direct messages on each platform in a timely fashion. Be sure to check your “message requests,” too!

When posting any of these types of content, use appropriate and relevant hashtags to extend the reach of your organic posts to new social users. Hashtags emphasize what the message is about while connecting your post with other topical posts. We recommend utilizing 15-30 hashtags, with five of them relevant to the image, five general, and at least 10 relevant to your brand. Those 10 brand-relevant hashtags can be used on every post. 

Once you’ve beefed up your organic social media presence, consider adding a paid social strategy to promote and boost your organic social posts. Take a look at our previous article, “Manage Your Organic Social Media to Boost Your Paid Performance,” to see how paid and organic influence each other.

These 26 content ideas should spark some interesting content topics to add to your social media plan. Have fun, take a few calculated risks, and experiment with your organic social media content.

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