11 Visual Ideas for Content to Share on Social Media

Visual content grips users’ focus as they scroll through their feeds, attracting more eyeballs than simple text. Buzzsumo found that Facebook posts with images drive more than double the engagement than those without a picture. Twitter Business discovered that sharing videos when you tweet drives 10 times more engagement.

As a marketer, you need both pieces of the puzzle — text and visuals — to work in tandem. Visual content draws followers to read the text, which in turn encourages readers to engage by liking, sharing, or clicking through to your site to convert. 

There are plenty of different kinds of visual content that you can make a part of your organic social media strategy. 

Sharing Images and Graphics

You can share company-related photos of your team and products offered by your company. Creating your own graphics is another option. 

  • Use memes or gifs to create funny posts that will have your fans laughing out loud as they like and repost your images;
  • Make infographics, appealing visuals that help your customers understand your message clearly with snackable stats and phrases;
  • Create your own images with free online design tools like Canva, which many marketers use to create their social images. Uploading images from your camera roll and editing them directly on social media apps is another way to share a post; 
  • Include inspirational quotes and uplifting messages with your followers. For example, you can share a quote with the hashtag #motivationalmonday to inspire everyone for the week ahead;
  • Share stories on Facebook and Instagram that contain photos of day-to-day operations and brand personality. 

Video Sharing Ideas

Another excellent visual post idea is sharing videos on your social pages, including:

  • Interviews — live or recorded — between company employees, customers, industry professionals, or other brands;
  • Company tours where you take your customers behind the scenes. They can be professionally filmed or done with a smartphone;
  • Video clips taken from your smartphone and shared on social media. These short video snippets should feature products or a glimpse into the company’s personality;
  • Social media takeovers where you allow different teams or departments in-house to take over your social accounts to share their internal experiences throughout a workday. FacebookLive or Instagram Live are fantastic tools to use for these occasions;
  • YouTube videos you’ve already posted to your company-branded YouTube channel. 

Audio Sharing Ideas

While technically not a visual post, podcasts can be shared with a graphic and a short clip to promote it. Make sure to share individual episode links as opposed to your podcast’s main page so that followers can link directly to the audio without having to click around.

These 11 tips will infuse your brand’s social media feeds with new life by stimulating followers’ senses and compelling them to engage with your posts. Remember that consistency is key. Staying current and posting at least once or twice daily on most platforms will give you the best chance to connect with your audience. For more social media content creation ideas, check out our article, 26 Things To Share On Social Media When You Don’t Have Much To Say. 

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