5 Tips to Prepare for Prime Day 2021

Amazon recently announced that Prime Day 2021 would take place this year on June 21st and 22nd — is your account ready?

With 2020 third-party sales surpassing $3.5 billion, Prime Day is one of the most significant sales events powered by the ecommerce giant and one of the largest shopping days of the year. It has become vital to the success of Amazon sellers and vendors, with Prime members demanding plenty of hot deals. 

As we close in on Prime Day, many businesses are scrambling to get ready. Following these five critical business tips can make or break your performance on Prime Day or any high-traffic online shopping day.

  1. Inventory: Making sure you have high-demand, and high-profit items in stock and ready to ship is crucial to your business’s Prime Day success. The easiest way to capitalize on eager buyers is to ensure you have what they want when they want it. Take a look at trending products and see if you sell any of the most popular items. If so, focus on these hot items and promote them to get more eyeballs on your offerings.
  2. Promotions: Deals are what Prime Day is all about. Make sure your sales stand out from your competitors with unique promotional offers. Shoppers are more likely to purchase from you if you offer them extra value in addition to the fantastic product they will receive. Play around with some promotions and see which works best for your store. Prime members already get free shipping on most Amazon products, so think outside of the box and come up with different promotions that will capture the attention of eager Prime Day shoppers. Try offering a discount for the purchase of multiple items to increase your order size, or offering a free download or extended warranty with purchase on Prime Day.
  3. Product Detail Pages: Ensure your product detail page does an excellent job selling your products to potential customers. Long gone are the days where a product name, one image, and a few descriptive words were enough for an Amazon product page. To dig deeper and get more in-depth about the process of optimizing your product pages, take a look back at our 3-part series about how to get your product detail pages ready for Prime Day.
  4. Brand Storefronts: Your storefront should be clear, concise, and feel like your brand. Amazon is just one avenue of branding your business, and shopping your store should have a similar feel to shopping from your website. Ensure that your customers remember your brand by having an easy-to-use and navigate storefront that includes information about your brand as well as the items you have for sale.
  5. Advertising: Get your brand in front of shoppers as they browse, research, and buy. Make the most out of Prime Day by having your ads in place well before the day arrives. This gives you plenty of time to make sure your ads are fully approved and ready to go when the big day gets here. 

Prime Day is a critical day for both Amazon vendors and sellers. And with 2020 sales numbers up almost 60% over 2019’s, it keeps getting more important year after year. By prioritizing these five tips now, you will set yourself up for success on this Prime Day and beyond. 

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