Trending Industries and Audiences for TikTok Advertising

Are you still deciding if TikTok makes sense for your business? With over one billion monthly users, TikTok has made it accessible for brands to connect with audiences around the world. As the platform has become an essential part of customer discovery, there are many avenues you can take to capture your audience where they are spending most of their time.

According to a recent TikTok article, 35% of users claim they spend less time watching TV and other content since they started using the platform, and 46% of users engage with TikTok without any other distractions present. When potential customers are this engaged on the platform, it makes sense why so many brands have invested in advertising their products on TikTok. 

So, what is trending on TikTok right now? Between the different industries seeing major success right now and audiences you can target within the platform, there is an opportunity for almost every business to find an audience that may work for them. Here are just a few of the industries taking the platform by storm.


This may not come as a surprise, but the beauty industry is by far one of the most popular industries on TikTok. With beauty influencers making products go viral, “Get Ready With Me” video trends, and product reviews, there is no doubt that the beauty industry is seeing an abundance of success within the platform. Consumers have become very trusting of TikTok. It only takes seeing a few videos about how great a product is before users are running to the stores or online retailers to snag the products before they’re gone!

It is also not uncommon to see “As Seen on TikTok” sections within retail stores these days – making it easier for consumers to run into the stores and find the products without any hesitation. 

There are so many avenues for targeting beauty lovers on TikTok. Utilizing different interests, behaviors, and creator interaction targeting can help you reach your desired audience in a matter of clicks! 

Apparel & Fashion

We all know trends come and go – but apparel will always be trending on TikTok. From the iconic “OOTD” videos, try-on hauls, and influencers sharing their favorite pieces, the apparel industry will never go out of style. Whether you are using influencers to promote your brand or simply advertising your new spring line, consumers are leveraging TikTok as a discovery platform to find fresh new fits year round. 

Your targeting for the fashion industry can be as broad or narrow as you decide. With breakdowns for clothing, accessories, footwear, high-end jewelry, and so much more, there are dozens of ways to find a combination that works for your business.

Fitness & Health

Health and fitness aren’t just New Year’s resolutions on TikTok. Hundreds of brands use the platform to promote their supplements, fitness programs, athletic gear, and wellness products. Similar to the beauty and fashion industry, leveraging influencers to show off and demonstrate products they love or use in their everyday life has become extremely popular on TikTok. It is common to see advertising incorporated into “a day in my life” style content, where users can watch videos about their favorite creators’ daily routines. 

Leveraging creators’ interactions under the “Fitness & Health” category could be a great avenue to find an audience that has a high affinity for watching health and fitness creators.

Home Decor

From work-from-home chic to DIY hacks for around the house, TikTok has become a place of inspiration for users to discover ways to upgrade their spaces. Because discovery is at the forefront of the platform, users can find relevant videos by simply searching for “kitchen inspiration,” “laundry room organization,” “living room,” and so much more. 

The opportunity for discovery is endless on TikTok. Businesses can utilize different interest categories for ad campaigns like appliances, home improvement, and household products. With several sub-interest categories within those groups, you will be sure to narrow in on your ideal market audience.


Got the itch to take a vacation? Leave it to TikTok to fuel your customers’ travel bug. The hospitality industry, major airlines, and travel agencies can capture the attention of users around the world. One of the greatest parts of social media is having access to view bits and pieces of destinations you’ve always wanted to see right on your mobile device.

The keyword “book now” has over 27 million impressions on the platform, and the use of travel influencers has become seemingly more popular over the years. Businesses can continue to leverage travel creator interactions and hashtags to get in front of users with a passion for travel.
Just because your product or industry is not within one of these categories does not mean your audience isn’t there. Check out TikTok’s Trend Discovery Tool to gauge current trends, hashtags, and keyword insights that could be relevant to your business!

When you are ready to reach your target audience on TikTok, check out one of my previous blogs, Advertising on TikTok: Six Tips for Successful Creative.

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