My 10 Current Favorite Health & Wellness Ads on Meta

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, social advertisers are continually seeking innovative ways to stand out in the crowded ad space. Within the health and wellness niche, we find a treasure trove of inspiring and thought-provoking Meta ad campaigns that not only promote exciting products but also foster a profound sense of well-being and empowerment. In this blog, we will explore some of my current favorite health and wellness ads, dissecting their design, copy, and content to understand why these Meta ads could be compelling to potential customers.

  1. Bala

Known for its functional fitness equipment, Bala excels in displaying its variety of products through captivating visuals and vibrant colors. The ad entices curiosity and leads the viewer on a path of product discovery. The clear call to action prompts users to explore the website, where a user-friendly interface and compelling product descriptions make the purchasing process seamless. The seamless integration of the ad and website creates a cohesive experience for potential customers.

  1. Olly

This ad from Olly effortlessly combines visually compelling imagery with punny ad copy. The bright and colorful display of Olly’s vitamin gummies instantly draws attention and delight. Accompanied by the natural ingredients, the ad creative emphasizes the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients and highlights the featured products’ main purpose – gut health. The ad copy and clear call to action entice consumers, offering a click-worthy promotion to encourage exploration.

  1. CeraVe

This ad for CeraVe excels in various aspects, making it a compelling marketing asset for the brand. This ad stands out with its powerful visual concept, showcasing the dermatologist-tested and recommended formula. The ad’s video demonstrates the product being handed to a consumer, instilling trust and credibility in the brand – as if the dermatologist handed them the product right off the shelf. The succinct yet impactful ad copy emphasizes the brand’s commitment to healthy skin, creating an engaging and persuasive experience for potential customers.

  1. Sakara

Captivating the health-conscious consumer, Sakara’s ad stands out with stunning visuals of nourishing, plant-based meals. The ad’s headline and copy emphasize the convenience of Sakara’s meal delivery service, making it a compelling wellness solution. The pairing of the different image components allows customers to see a variety of meal options Sakara has to offer. Sakara uses timely summer messaging to complement the vibrant ingredients and entice viewers to indulge in refreshing summer meals. You can practically taste the freshness of those meals through the screen.

  1. Athletic Greens

Convenience is the name of the game, and Athletic Greens nailed it! Watching that greens powder effortlessly dissolve in water is like poetry in motion. The ad focuses on promoting the simplicity of incorporating their product into your daily routine. One scoop, unlimited benefits – sign me up! The snappy cuts within the video keep viewers hooked, and the brand is cleverly introduced multiple times throughout the video, ensuring brand recall.

  1. Calm

Through a visually engaging video, Calm effectively promotes its meditation and relaxation app. That visual countdown has us entranced in a virtual oasis of serene natural scenes and soothing music. The ad copy is simple yet impactful, emphasizing the app’s ability to help reduce stress and other strong emotions – appealing to those seeking tranquility in their lives. By combining a visually engaging video and simple copy, this ad effectively communicates Calm’s value, making it highly appealing to potential users and driving them to explore the app further.

  1. Bloom Nutrition 

Using a GIF-like video, Bloom Nutrition creatively showcases product benefits with informative text overlays in this social ad. Social proof is instilled through customer reviews, adding credibility. Consumers can be mesmerized by the cleverly flashing features and benefits. The simple and effective text overlay creates a visual flow that keeps consumers glued to the creative while delivering a healthy dose of product info and a call out of their 5-star reviews for a little sprinkle of social proof.

  1. Saltair

Introducing new products can be nerve-wracking. Nailing your marketing content on a visual and literal level is vital in showcasing your new product to your target audience. Saltair does an outstanding job of presenting their new scent in a visually appealing and informative way. The bright blue summer hues of the packaging amongst the fresh ingredients immediately present the way you would expect this product to smell. The image is satisfying to the eye and definitely gives a case to stop scrolling and learn more. The language used to describe the product is succinct, light-hearted, and extremely informative. Consumers know exactly what they are getting into when looking at this ad. 

  1. Care/of

This ad from Care/of takes personalization to a whole new level with vitamin and supplement packs tailored to your specific needs. The service is intriguing on its own for several reasons. The ad itself does a great job of sharing the notion of vitamin packs designed for different individuals. The video being used displays bright colors, personalized packaging, the vitamins/supplements, and a promotion. The call to action at the end card of the video, “What’s in your vitamin pack?” leaves room for consumer desire and discovery. This ad also incentivizes new consumers to make a purchase with a very generous 50% off promotion for their first order – quite a click-worthy offer. 

  1. Touchland

This ad showcases Touchland’s hand sanitizers’ sleek and eye-catching packaging, instantly drawing attention. The imagery and copy work harmoniously to convey the brand’s value proposition of combining style with hygiene. The article headline being used within the imagery speaks to the product’s “virality,” instantly creating a sense of curiosity and excitement for shopping. With a clear call to action, encouraging viewers to explore the brand further or make a purchase, this ad effectively appeals to health-conscious consumers seeking both practicality and aesthetics in their sanitizing products. 

From visually engaging videos and creatives to thoughtfully crafted ad copy, these 10 ads showcase the power of effective imagery and informative messaging. While diving into the discovery of some of my favorite health and wellness ads, I am quickly reminded of the immense impact that these ads can have in influencing our choices and fostering a genuine connection with a brand. Through these Meta ads, we have witnessed how brands leverage creativity to deliver memorable and impactful social advertising experiences for their audiences. 
For tips on creating your own visually appealing ads, see our previous blog post, Craft Compelling Brand Stories with Social Ads: A Foolproof Guide.

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