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In October of 2019, Amazon added to its ever-growing toolbox for Amazon Advertising with their Posts feature. This added an element of social media that Amazon hadn’t had in the past. The tool allows you to create posts that highlight a product or product group for the followers of your brand to see. You can use Posts to help new customers discover your brand and products as well as help existing customers see your brand and products in a new light. People visiting your brand storefront can follow your brand by clicking on the Follow button at the top navigation as shown below. 

All you need to use Posts is to be registered through Amazon Brand Registry and have an active Brand Profile. There is no added fee for using Posts, which makes it an easy way to try to get more eyes on your product pages and brand storefront. Now, let’s dive into best practices for using Posts.

3 Tips To Make the Most of the Amazon Posts Experience

  1. Don’t Copy and paste Posts From Your Instagram or Other Social Media Feeds

It’s important to remember why users go to each social media channel. People go to Instagram to participate in conversations and see the new trends, while others go to Amazon to view products directly and make purchases. Now, this doesn’t mean that nothing from your other channels can be used. Figure out what is working for you on other channels, and make adjustments to suit your Amazon audience better. 

It is also crucial to remember that Amazon Posts aims to be more evergreen than most social media platforms. Where posting about holidays and seasonality might be a good strategy on Facebook or Instagram, posts about holidays and seasonality often fail to get much traction with the Amazon algorithm. In some cases, Posts even get rejected by the Amazon moderation team.

  1. Use Lifestyle Images & Avoid Blank Backgrounds

The images you use on the Amazon Posts are crucial. These visuals allow you to catch the customer’s attention and hopefully keep their focus on your products. It’s important to avoid blurry spots in your image and avoid stretching the photo to fit the frame better. Use high-resolution lifestyle images that are fitted and ready to go.

Another tip for creating a valuable Post on Amazon is that customers like to see the product in action. For example, in the image below, JBL uses an image of a waterproof speaker, showing it surviving a trip to the beach.

It is also a best practice to avoid blank or colored backgrounds for Posts. Even though you want to avoid blank backgrounds, you don’t want to go too far in the other direction. Backgrounds that are too complex will fail to catch the customer’s eye, and the customer will move on. The algorithm that Amazon uses is designed to take the background into heavy consideration. If you use a white background or if you use a graphic with words on it instead of a lifestyle image, the Post may struggle to gain traction and likely won’t get many impressions. 

  1. Highlight Multiple Products in Your Post

Amazon allows you to include up to five ASINs in each Post. These ASINs will appear in a carousel below the image and the caption. This is a great way to showcase multiple products and have your followers scroll through some of your product catalog. You can use this to show off your different color options, similar products, and accessories.

It is important to remember that your products’ ratings will show in this carousel, so you need to keep that in mind when selecting what ASINs you want to show.

Posts are a great way to increase traffic to your Amazon product pages and your brand store at no additional cost. Remember to not copy and paste posts from your other social media platforms, and use lifestyle images that don’t have blurry backgrounds. The algorithm that Amazon uses prioritizes images that meet their background standards and is designed for the platform to be more evergreen. Also, make sure to add multiple ASINs to each post so your followers can scroll through more of your catalog.

When you follow these best practices for creating Posts on Amazon, it makes it more likely that the customer will click on your brand storefront or one of your product pages.

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