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Get ready – free product listings are coming to Bing shopping over the next month. This is perfect timing as we head towards the holiday shopping season.

Until now, the Shopping tab was only used to show sponsored product listings. As the new changes roll out, these sponsored listings will continue to serve as usual, with the addition of free product listings below. 

Why Is This Important

Microsoft is making this change for two reasons:

1.The retail world, especially in the current climate, continues it’s shift towards online shopping. Free product listings allow the advertiser to reach and engage more shoppers with what they are looking for. This offers a better experience for everyone online. 

2. They are following in Google’s footsteps. When Google makes changes or adds features to its advertising platform, Microsoft is usually not far behind. Free product listings are no exception as they were released by Google earlier this year. 

So How Do You Take Advantage of This? 

If you are already a Microsoft Shopping Campaigns customer with product offerings in Microsoft Merchant Center, you do not need to do anything – you are already opted into the new offering! 

For those of you who are not already Microsoft Shopping Campaign customers, you will need to create an account. After your account is ready to go, upload your product feed into Microsoft Merchant Center. Once your products are approved and follow Microsoft guidelines, your products will be ready to serve for free.


My biggest takeaway since this announcement of free product listings from Bing is the importance of your product feed quality. The more data you are able to provide Microsoft, the better opportunity you have to show more than competitors for the free listings (the same applies to Sponsored ads). If you are struggling with shopping – whether paid or unpaid – consider looking at your feed quality first. 

Later this fall, when Microsoft introduces reporting, you will be able to measure the success of your product listings within your Microsoft Merchant Center. Until then, get your feed optimized and start running your Microsoft Bing free product listings. Did we mention that they are free?

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