Experts Share 5 Amazon Predictions for 2023

As the holiday season and the end of 2022 is fully upon us, we took a moment to reflect on what our JumpFly Account Managers anticipate in 2023 for the Amazon Ads platform. These predictions are driven by the trends we see from Amazon, as well as what strategies we are seeing success with for our clients. So, in surveying our Amazon Ads management team, these are the top five things we are expecting to see in the coming year.

1. More Audience Targeting 

Amazon has been continuing to build up the Sponsored Display campaign option to more closely mirror its managed Demand Side Platform (DSP). We anticipate that in the coming year, we will continue to see more options for self-service audience targeting as Sponsored Display continues to grow and see adoption by Amazon advertisers.

2. Increased Video Presence 

With the rollout of Sponsored Display video ads several years ago and Amazon’s continued push with the Amazon Live feature, we expect to see more video options emerge on the Amazon platform. This may look like additional placements for the already existing video features on Amazon or new video features altogether. Regardless, Amazon has, no doubt, taken note of the success other short video platforms (i.e., TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels) have had and is finding ways to incorporate more of that familiar media into the shopping app.

3. Shopper Engagement Options 

For years, Amazon has aggressively guarded shopper information. We know this is due to Amazon wanting to keep shoppers within their platform and reducing the opportunity for those shoppers to purchase directly from brands selling on the Amazon platform. It seems that Amazon is now trying to strike a balance between retaining its shoppers and giving brands more opportunities to engage with them. One of the newest developments is the Customer Engagement Beta where email campaigns can be sent to brand followers. Posts also seem to be a solution for brands to organically share their curated content with Amazon shoppers on the platform. We anticipate that Amazon will continue to explore this balance in 2023, finding ways for brands to create more engaging content and connection opportunities within the Amazon shopping experience.

4. Continued Interface Improvements 

Amazon continues to update its platforms and how each functions. This includes the overall Amazon shopping site, app, Amazon Ads, as well as Vendor and Seller Central. Notorious for changing layouts or where features are displayed, Amazon constantly tests new placements and layouts with little notice or communication to users. We anticipate this trend to continue, but with new features display in 2023 that were tested throughout the year in 2022. This includes additional placements for Sponsored Display ads on-site, the breakout of B2B reported sales in the Vendor and Seller interfaces, and the incorporation of more Brand metrics in Amazon Ads, to name just a few.

5. More Omnichannel Options 

As ecommerce has grown, so too has the space in which people shop. Rarely do shoppers engage with a brand on one platform any longer. We move from email to social media and then to websites and shopping apps seamlessly on our devices, and Amazon, as well as the other tech giants, are working to close this data gap. Multiple opportunities for brands to engage with shoppers on a variety of platforms increase the likelihood of purchase. In 2023, we anticipate Amazon to introduce more omnichannel options that allow brands to showcase their products on multiple platforms that come back to purchase on Amazon. We have the Amazon Attribution tool now to gauge off-Amazon ad traffic, but it is by no means ideal or complete data. With the new year and the continued growth and integration of ecommerce into daily life, we expect to see more robust tools introduced.

These are the top five predictions we hope to see from Amazon in 2023 based on the developments we have observed on the platform throughout 2022. With the continued growth and dominance of Amazon in the ecommerce space, new and exciting opportunities and features are sure to come. 

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