6 Free Shopify Apps for PPC Marketing

The app store for Ecommerce platform Shopify offers thousands of apps that can improve your business presence and sales online, and boost your PPC marketing campaigns in the process. These seven are my favorites, and they’re free.

1. Google Shopping Feed and Ads by Sales and Orders

Manage your shopping feeds for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook Ads in one integrated, easy-to-update place with the Google Shopping Feed and Ads app.

Unlike two other popular applications used for Google Ads (Google Ads and Google Shopping by Storeya) and (Google Shopping by Shopify), the app created by Sales and Orders will not automatically change your product IDs and other information when you import them. The Shopify and Storeya apps’ habit of creating unique product IDs can cause confusion when you need to re-import your feeds to their respective platforms.

The Google Shopping Feed and Ads app outperforms others when it comes to uploading your shopping feed from your Shopify store.

2. Videofy ‑ Make Product Videos by Magisto Ltd. – Marketing Video Making and Editing

Using the images and content you already have on your site, Videofy creates videos for your store. There are a variety of templates to choose from to match your site or campaign. Videofy is great for ecommerce websites using mockup generators to create images for their product pages.

More shoppers are turning to video to see products in action from various angles as they decide what to buy. Offering video can increase conversion and distinguish your company from your competitors.

3. Yotpo: Product and Photo Reviews by Yotpo

Yotpo is one of the best review apps featured on Shopify’s app store. Easily collect and showcase reviews by automating content to request a review after someone purchases a product or service from your website. This app turns a process that may take weeks into a one-hour task.

Reviews can increase your PPC campaigns’ engagement and conversion metrics, and Yotpo makes it easy to increase the number of reviews your products have. It is 100% free with no upcharges or upgrades, and is a verified service.

As a review aggregator, Yotpo has been accepted into Google’s Product Ratings program, making the reviews in its system eligible to display in your ads as gold stars ratings. The program is limited to about 25 supported platforms.

4. Page Speed Optimizer ‑ Free by Booster Apps

Making its second appearance on this list, Booster Apps also offers an app that succeeds where many fail: speeding up your site.

Poor site speed can drive your PPC campaigns’ bounce rate up. Anything slower than three to four seconds on average increases the likelihood that a shopper will click the back button to visit one of your competitors’ sites. In some cases, you may even pay for clicks that never make it to your site.

Give this app a try. It’s free, and in my experience, it works.

5. AMP by Shop Sheriff by Shop Sheriff

Another speed-related app, AMP by Shop Sheriff creates accelerated mobile pages (AMP) for your site, making it load more quickly for mobile visitors. Your ads will also include a visual cue – a little check mark – letting searchers know that your site is speedy.

Most other AMP creation services or apps are expensive, but this app is completely free for product pages. Other pages – such as homepages, collections, and generic pages – require an upgraded subscription, but the additional functionality is impressive and worth the price.

For PPC campaigns, you can add in an alternate landing page link specifically for mobile devices. Given that mobile devices are sometimes the worst converters, using alternate landing pages can offer a major boost to your overall PPC performance.

6. Smart Product Filter and Search by Globo

This last Shopify app is my favorite. Smart Product Filter and Search creates powerful product and collection filters. This app is a must for any ecommerce site with multiple product variants, categories, or colors. Adding filters can boost sales for product variants that shoppers might miss otherwise, as well as creating a more seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Adding these free Shopify apps can help boost your PPC performance on Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and other advertising platforms. As an added bonus, some of them can also improve traffic and revenue from organic search and other digital marketing channels as well.

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