Upgraded Extensions for Google Ads

If you’ve been creating extensions in your Google Ads account, you may have noticed some new options lately, called upgraded extensions. Google is currently in the process of upgrading its extensions through its Extension Asset Infrastructure Migration.

Here’s an example of what you will see in Google Ads Editor:

This is what you might see in the Google Ads UI:

This update is part of a broader infrastructure migration for all Google Ads extensions. Migrating will allow for new assets, as well as new features for current extensions. The migration from the previous extension infrastructure to the new one will be in phases, rolled out by each extension type. This will be taking place through the rest of 2021 and into 2022. By February 15, 2022, Sitelinks, Structured Snippets, and Callouts upgrades will be complete.

You may notice some differences during migration. For instance, in reporting, you’ll see separate views for legacy and upgraded extensions. Luckily, you can toggle between the two. If you still want access to stats for any of your legacy extensions, reports will be available through August 2022. Once migration is complete, the legacy data will no longer be available in the Extensions table view.

You may come across some of your legacy extensions being automatically switched to the upgraded version. If you no longer see your extensions, just check under the legacy extensions, as it appears that the UI defaults to the upgraded extensions view.

One convenient new feature added to the current extensions includes having the ability to finally pause your extensions. Currently, this isn’t an option, and advertisers must remove the extension instead. You’ll also have the ability to see what accounts, campaigns, or ad groups removed extensions were previously attached to.

Some extension functions are going to be replaced by newer and better features. These include:

  • Device preference for mobile
  • Call extension start and end time 
  • App extensions ad schedule
  • Price and structure snippets start and end time and ad schedule 
  • Price and structure ad schedule 

Thankfully, Google has assured advertisers that these new upgrades will not affect the performance of the existing extensions or ads. Only the infrastructure of the extensions is changing, but the behavior will stay the same. The migration from legacy to upgraded extensions should have minimal to no impact on advertisers.

How to View Legacy Data During Migration

If you have both legacy and upgraded extensions in your account, you’ll see separate views for reporting in the Extensions table. To toggle between the two:

  1. Click Ads & extensions.
  2. Click Extensions.
    • For the table view, select the dropdown near the filter bar Filter at the top of the table to change views between “upgraded” and “legacy.”
    • For the summary view, click the toggle to switch between “upgraded” and “legacy.”
Image showing Google Ads UI where first select "Extensions" in the left side panel, then select "Promotions extensions (legacy)" to access legacy data during migration.

View Post-Migration Legacy Data 

After the migration, the only place you will be able to view historical data will be on the “Reports” page.

  1. Click Reports.
  2. Click Predefined reports (Dimensions).
    • For historical data, select Extensions.
    • For post-migration data, select Extensions (upgraded).
Image showing Google Ads UI where first select "Pre-defined reports (Dimensions)" in the Reports page, then select "Extensions" for historical stats or "Extensions (upgraded)" for post-migration stats.

Pause Your Extensions

If you want to pause your extensions:

  1. Click Ads & extensions.
  2. Click Extensions.
  3. Click into the summary card based on your extension type.
  4. Click Add Filter next to the filter icon Filter and select “Extension status: All but removed” as your filter.
  5. Select the extension you want to pause by clicking on the checkbox next to it.
  6. Click Edit, and then click Pause.

The pause symbol will appear next to the particular extension, and a message that says “Pausing your extension” will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

Note: Multiple extensions can be paused at the same time. Learn more about all of Google’s Ad extensions in our previous blog post, 15 Ad Extensions To Drive More Conversions

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