Unleashing Your Podcast’s Potential: Dive Into Spotify’s Podcast Streams Objective

On a platform overflowing with podcasts, getting noticed can be a challenge. Fear not, because Spotify’s latest feature, the Podcast Streams objective, is here to help your podcast shine. Recently introduced, it aims to empower creators of all sizes to promote their shows to Spotify’s 600M+ engaged listeners. Let’s take a closer look at what the Podcast Streams objective offers and how you can make it work for you.

Spotify’s Advanced Targeting Technology

At the heart of the Podcast Streams objective is Spotify’s advanced targeting technology. Success is fueled by signals from anonymized user interactions on the Spotify app, which aid in connecting with a tuned-in audience prone to engaging with podcasts. These insights, coupled with engagement metrics like clicks, create a well-rounded strategy for reaching a high-intent audience. 

Confident Measurement Reporting

Supporting Spotify’s advanced targeting, advertisers also have confident measurement reporting at their disposal to keep track of metrics like Streams (within 14 days of exposure), New Listeners, and New Listener Streams to accurately gauge the effectiveness of their campaign and refine their approach.

Immersive Advertising Formats 

The user experience itself can vary depending on which format is leveraged. Spotify recommends leaning into both Audio and Video formats to ensure that your ad is as immersive as possible. Best practices for Podcast Stream ads have been released to guide advertisers while crafting compelling content

Who Should Take Advantage of the Podcast Streams Objective?

Spotify’s Podcast Streams objective is ideal for anyone with a podcast that needs more reach, including a business or brand hoping to use a podcast to build new connections with customers. The best part? Setting up your campaign is easy with Spotify’s user-friendly Ad Studio.

We’re always excited when a platform releases new opportunities for advertisers to connect with their audiences, and Spotify’s Podcast Streams objective is no exception. With Spotify’s Podcast Streams objective, the possibilities for podcasters are endless. So why wait? Tap into this new opportunity, and start reaching Spotify’s engaged listeners today. 

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