Social Media Ads Case Study: Name Bubbles (With Infographic)

Name Bubbles got its start by producing custom, durable name labels to help parents with kids of all ages stay organized. Founded with a clear mission to provide a solution for parents that were tired of hand labeling their kids’ belongings, owner Michelle Brandriss had a goal to scale her business with the help of JumpFly’s social media marketing services. With a strategy in mind, the JumpFly team got to work in February of 2021. 

The Challenge

Performance was trending in a positive direction, but with the iOS 14 update hitting the Meta platforms in April 2021, data visibility became a challenge to overcome. The update caused all apps sold within the Apple App Store to prompt users to accept data tracking. Those who opted out of this tracking soon became seemingly invisible to the platform, therefore potentially causing any conversions from those users to get dropped from purchase totals in the interface. 

As the update continued to roll out changes, it became harder to attribute sales to social ads. This ultimately led to hesitations from Name Bubbles regarding performance and whether the sales they were achieving were truly coming from social advertising efforts. 

The Approach 

In order to determine the true effectiveness of Facebook and Instagram advertising, the JumpFly social team made the decision to pause all campaigns on the platform for a two-week period. This test enabled the team to isolate performance and evaluate its effect on overall company sales. With Name Bubbles on board, campaigns were paused on March 17th, 2022. 

The Results 

Campaigns were soon reactivated on March 23rd, 2022, after only a one-week pause. During the pause, Name Bubbles experienced a 31.05% decrease in overall revenue and a 27.80% decrease in site traffic. Consequently, leading to a revenue drop of $15,926.74 for the duration that Meta campaigns were paused. 

Once Meta campaigns were reactivated, overall revenue increased by 21.45%, and site traffic increased by 15.98%, thus proving the positive impact of JumpFly’s social advertising management. Since launching with JumpFly Paid Social, Name Bubbles has experienced a 74.49% increase in overall revenue and a 30.03% increase in goal completions. 

All in all, JumpFly’s social ad management services drove a substantial increase in revenue and sales. Understanding the challenges iOS 14 brought on for reporting across platforms, Name Bubbles is a great example of looking at the bigger picture. Showcasing that although visibility may be limited, social ads are powering sales and contributing to the overall success of the company. 

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