Paid Social Blog Series: 5 Thumb-Stopping Reddit Ads That Will Grab Your Attention

Imagine Reddit as the world’s largest coffee shop. Inside, you’ll find people from all walks of life, each at their own table, passionately discussing everything under the sun – from the latest tech gadgets to clever DIY life hacks. It’s this dynamic blend of chat and community that makes Reddit the perfect spot to drop in and share your brand’s message. (Wondering if Reddit could be your next big move? Our blog post 8 Reddit Advertising Best Practices is a must-read before getting started).

Advertising on Reddit isn’t about shouting the loudest; it’s about joining the conversation in a meaningful way. It’s about understanding the ebb and flow of discussions, recognizing what makes each subreddit tick, and crafting messages that add value to the conversation. As a regular on Reddit, I’ve noticed that the ads that make me look twice are the ones that feel like they belong there. They’re witty, a little offbeat, and fit in with the rest of the content. Let’s talk about five Reddit ads that got it right and why they stood out.

Ad #1: U.S. Army

This U.S. Army ad on Reddit caught my eye with its dynamic video. On a platform swamped with text and static images, a cool video really jumps out. Its dynamic nature and effective use of text overlays instantly grabbed my attention when it showed a Redditor asking a deeply personal question. This strategy not only made the ad more engaging but also showcased a deep understanding of Reddit’s culture.

Videos tend to shine on Reddit, and this ad “got it right” by blending motion with storytelling. More importantly, the ad embraced Reddit’s unique vernacular, engaging directly with the community’s language within the first couple of seconds. This approach is not just about following best practices for video ads; it’s about genuinely connecting with Redditors.

According to Reddit’s ad creative best practices, successfully tapping into this aspect has been proven to significantly boost engagement and advertiser revenue by over 200%. This U.S. Army ad exemplifies the power of speaking directly to your audience, in their language and on their terms.

Ad #2: Safelite

Safelite’s ad hit the nail on the head with its comic strip vibe – it was concise, engaging, and felt more like a fun discovery than an ad. Encountering it felt like running into a comic strip that casually brought up Safelite, blending entertainment with subtle branding. This Reddit ad was so smooth in its approach that it left me curious about what Safelite offers beyond the comic relief.

The charm of this ad lies in its brevity and the way it merges into the Reddit environment. Its clever use of visuals captured the essence of Safelite in a format that speaks directly to comic fans like me, asking the intriguing question: repair or replace? However, its subtlety was a double-edged sword –  it grabbed my attention but didn’t fully convey the range of services Safelite provides (windshield repair or replacement).

Though this Safelite Reddit ad sparked my interest enough to engage, it didn’t solidify the brand’s offerings in my mind. That said, its effectiveness as a memorable piece of content could pave the way for brand recall when the need arises, especially if it’s part of a broader strategy to catch eyes without heavy selling. 

Ad #3: McDonald’s

McDonald’s perfectly captured the attention of anime enthusiasts with this visually engaging carousel ad on the Reddit platform. As a regular on r/AnimeSuggest, the ad’s style and message instantly caught my eye. McDonald’s understood its audience well, crafting an ad with text overlays and creative design that was impossible to scroll past without stopping. The interactivity of the carousel format gave me a compelling reason to consider altering my lunch plans in favor of their enticing chicken nuggets.

Moreover, McDonald’s effectively tapped into the fear of missing out (FOMO) by highlighting a limited-time offer. The suggestion that I could miss out on a unique anime and manga-themed lunch deal was a persuasive call to action. Introducing a Reddit-specific promotion could further personalize the experience, showcasing a deep understanding of and appreciation for the platform’s community. This strategy not only draws immediate attention but also fosters a stronger connection with the target audience.

Ad #4: Jeremy Data Annotation

Jeremy Data Annotation’s ad slipped into my Reddit feed so seamlessly that I barely recognized it as promotional content. This subtlety is precisely its genius, embedding the ad within the conversation so naturally that it feels less like an interruption and more like a meaningful contribution. While the approach might raise eyebrows for its stealth, it’s a testament to the ad’s relevance and utility, avoiding the typical pitfalls of overt advertising.

This Reddit ad stands out for its ability to blend in. Utilizing familiar Reddit visuals, it speaks directly to the community in a language they understand and appreciate. Given the general aversion to ads among Reddit users, the ability of this ad to engage without sparking the usual backlash is noteworthy. Although some may criticize its discreet nature as cunning, it’s this very quality that captures the essence of effective Reddit advertising – meeting users where they are with content that adds value to their experience.

In essence, Jeremy Data Annotation mastered the art of visibility without intrusion. By aligning with the interests and preferences of the Reddit community, the ad delivers precisely what users find valuable, earning respect and engagement even from those typically resistant to ads. Achieving this balance between visibility and relevance is the hallmark of advertising done right on Reddit.

Ad #5: Codecademy

Codecademy’s ad stood out sharply against the backdrop of Reddit’s endless content, thanks to its use of vivid colors and a prominent “50% off” offer. They smartly peppered in Reddit-specific lingo, demonstrating a clear understanding of the platform’s culture. The discount alone was a head-turner, but their strategic use of familiar abbreviations like “ICYMI” further captivated Reddit users, showcasing an ad that was both eye-catching and conversationally fluent with the community.

How Do You Craft a Reddit Ad That Really Stands Out?

Creating an engaging Reddit ad boils down to mastering a few critical elements that catch users’ eyes and encourage interaction. Based on insights from successful campaigns and Reddit’s own guidelines for effective advertising, here are the key strategies to keep in mind:

  • Optimize for Mobile: With most users browsing Reddit on mobile, video ads should aim for a 4:5 ratio, while static ads work well in both 4:5 and 1:1 formats. Enhance your Reddit ads with eye-catching overlays, and include closed captions for videos to ensure accessibility and greater appeal.
  • Authenticity is Key: Authentic engagement starts with being true to your brand. Make your logo visible in your creative designs or headlines, especially in the first few seconds of your video ad, to build recognition and trust.
  • Showcase Your Offer: Clearly display your product or service in your Reddit ad. Tempt users with limited-time offers and exclusive Reddit promo codes to spur action.
  • Speak Their Language: Reddit thrives on its unique culture and language. Tailor your Reddit ads to reflect the community’s style, including specific subreddit mentions, to resonate more deeply with your audience. Keep headlines concise (under 150 characters) to grab attention quickly.
  • Experiment: Test different video lengths to see what engages your audience the most, but aim for around 60 seconds as a starting point to keep users interested without overextending their patience.
  • Clear Call-to-Action (CTA): Directly tell your audience what action you want them to take. A well-placed CTA in your Reddit ad can significantly increase your engagement and conversion rates.

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