Image Specs for Verizon Media Native A­ds

Verizon Media, formerly known as Yahoo Gemini and Oath Ads, offers native ad placements on and Yahoo mail.

Images submitted to Verizon Media for native ads are not croppable within the user interface, unlike those for Google Display Ads and Microsoft Audience Ads. As a result, you must submit the images at exactly the sizes requested. Only static images will be accepted; no animated GIFs are allowed.

Large Image: 1200×627 pixels.

  • Larger images may be submitted, as long as they maintain the 1.91:1 aspect ratio.

Basic Image: 627×627 pixels (optional)

  • Ideally, the basic image is derived from the large image, in that the large image has been cropped to be a square shape. You also have the option to provide an alternate image.
  • The image needs to have a 1:1 aspect ratio.
  • Basic image will be scaled down to various sizes, down to 82×82 at the smallest.

Thumbnail Image: 180×180 pixels

  • You can provide a 180×180-pixel image to use for the thumbnail image.
  • If no thumbnail image asset is provided, the 627×627-pixel basic image will be cropped to 180×180 pixels and used by default.

Best Practices for Ad Creation:

  • Use people-based images, not product-based.
  • Run multiple ads with different images.

Example Native Ads on


Examples Native Ads on Yahoo Mail:

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