How To Gain Repeat Customers on Amazon

Repeat customers are more profitable every year they spend with a company across a wide variety of businesses, and this is true on Amazon as well. Amazon has over 126 million unique users visiting on mobile and 42 million unique users visiting on desktop. With this in mind, acquiring repeat customers should be an important part of your marketing strategy, especially since a repeat customer is less expensive to acquire than a new customer. Developing a relationship with your customers is how you create loyalty and gain repeat customers on Amazon.

To start a relationship with your customers, first, help them feel good about purchasing your product on Amazon. This starts with having a clear and optimized product detail page. This will help you stand out from the competition and allow the consumer to feel confident in what they’re purchasing. You can use this space to engage your customers and clearly communicate your brand story and brand values. It’s difficult to trust a brand you don’t know. Learn more about why you should advertise your brand on Amazon in our previous blog post.

Next, thank the customer for buying from you. An in-person “thank you” can go a long way. This applies to the digital space as well. You can thank your customers using Seller Central’s Buyer-Seller messaging tool after their purchase, or you have the option to include a thank you note using an in-product card. Both of these methods are also great ways to earn more reviews on Amazon. Either way you choose, make sure that you’re abiding by Amazon’s communication guidelines.

Then, listen to the feedback your customers provide. If reviews and shopper questions revisit the same topics or issues, address them. For example, if shoppers keep asking for clarification on the dimensions or uses for your product, add this as a bullet point on your product listing. If customers leave positive feedback about certain features of your product, highlight these in secondary images or Amazon Posts. Listen to your customers’ feedback, and show them that you are listening.

To further foster the relationship between customers and your business, encourage and reward repeat customers by enrolling your products in the Subscribe and Save program. FBA sellers can use this feature to offer a discount on repeat purchases of varying frequencies. In addition to this, FBA Sellers can use the Manage Your Customer Engagement (MYCE) feature in Seller Central to send emails about new products and eligible promotions to brand followers and repeat customers.

Amazon Sellers and Vendors can also use Social Media Promo Codes. Creating a Social Media Promo Code generates a unique URL with promotion details that businesses can use on social media and share with consumers. Mobilize the loyal customers you already have with this URL so they can spread the word. You can also connect with influencers to build a community around your brand or products and drive further exposure.

Once you have at least ninety days of your business’ order information on Amazon, you can determine the lifetime value of your customers. This can help further inform your Amazon marketing strategy and challenge your business to retain customers even longer. 

The bottom line is, get to know your customers, and let them get to know you!

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