How Amazon A+ Content Works

If you have registered your brand on Amazon, you can add A+ Content to any branded products that you control. It is important to note that A+ Content is only available to Sellers who have a Registered Brand. This can be found under the Advertising tab in the Seller Central navigation bar. In Vendor Central, A+ Content Manager lives under the Merchandising tab. 

While here, you can use Amazon’s templates to add in more marketing content and images. While this content is not indexed by Amazon, it helps improve the buyer experience. On the images, however, there is the ability to add additional keywords that can be indexed.

To build your A+ Content Pages, select the template blocks you’d like to use. Move to the next page and complete the template blocks with enhanced content and images. 

So what kind of content should be included in an A+ Content page? This is a great place for your additional marketing content to live that you may not have been able to fit in the bullet points. Branding is another good use for A+ Content. Help the Amazon shopper become more familiar with your brand and core values. Video and lifestyle content does really well here as well.

If you’re in doubt of where to start, take a look at the questions Amazon shoppers have asked about your product. What needs to be clarified or expanded upon? Address some of those questions using your A+ Content if you haven’t already in your key product features.

A+ Content needs to be reviewed by Amazon Moderators. The review process can take 24 to 72 hours for your content to be approved or sent back for changes. Amazon will send back your content if it violates its Terms of Service or Content Guidelines. Save yourself some time and read through these documents on the main page for A+ Content, before you start building. A training PDF is linked here.

Keeping these best practices in mind, you should be able to build a well-developed A+ Content Page on Amazon. From this page, your customers will be able to answer all the questions they have and get excited to buy your product. If applied correctly, these steps will also provide a boost to your search ranking. 

As always, sales volume is a key driver for a product to succeed, but every little step to optimize a product counts. If you aren’t using A+ Content in Amazon, now is a great time to start.

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