2024 Paid Social Trend Predictions

As we dive into 2024, it’s evident that the social media trends making waves in recent years aren’t just hanging around – they’re becoming the go-to playbook for brands around the world. From the dominance of TikTok to the use of influencers and the integration of AI, let’s dig into how your business can leverage these trends in your own paid social marketing strategy in 2024.

The Power of Loyalty 

Because consumers are more brand loyal than ever before, businesses are recognizing the power of engaging their existing customers for continuous growth. Flywheel marketing calls for the creation of engagement loops that work to retain current customers but also attract new ones through traditional word-of-mouth marketing and referrals. Online video reviews, especially on platforms like TikTok, Reels, and YouTube Shorts, have become instrumental in building customer bases around brands and products.

How to Leverage: Craft social ads that focus on customer reviews or testimonials, and test a robust loyalty remarketing strategy to maintain a constant feedback and engagement loop from existing customers.

Influencers Unleashed

Influencers still have a vital role in social media marketing, with brands continuing to invest heavily in these online content creators. What’s interesting is the shift in influencer dynamics – it’s not just about paid endorsements anymore. The review culture on social media is thriving, and influencers can propel products to viral status, both positively and negatively, with just one simple video. Influencers talk – consumers listen. While brands will continue to leverage influencers in traditional ways, in 2024, we can expect to see fewer traditional influencer roles and brands utilizing content from ordinary users that produce a positive video about their product or brand.

How to Leverage: Brands can continue to capitalize on virality, even from non-traditional influencer content, and use more personable User-Generated Content (UGC) to bolster product and brand recognition.

The Three V’s: Video, Voice, and Visuals

Video continues its reign as the most sought-after content, with users craving a personal connection in an easily digestible format. Users want to see the face or hear the voice behind the brand, fostering relationships that keep them engaged. These days, the “social media scroll” is swift, and patience is nearly unheard of. Users are not afraid of bypassing content that doesn’t spark excitement within the first few seconds. The priority is clear – high-definition content that elevates the user experience, making it imperative for advertisers to produce eye-catching visuals that grab and hold attention. 

How to Leverage: Brands will invest in content that strikes a balance between organic authenticity and high visual appeal. It’s not just about being seen; it’s about breaking through the noisy feeds. In an age where attention is a precious currency, your advertising content needs to be thumb-stopping. 

The Comeback of Long-Form Video

What’s old is new again – contrary to the short-form trend from previous years, long-form video is making a comeback. Platforms like TikTok are embracing longer content with the introduction of 10-minute and 30-minute videos. Similarly, users are shifting preferences towards more lengthy and in-depth video experiences. Expect to see the resurgence of vlog-type content that was traditionally associated with platforms like YouTube. 

How to Leverage: Advertisers should adapt their strategies to embrace this shift and explore the potential of using longer videos for their ads on these social marketing platforms. 

Automation and Smart Campaigns 

AI is driving efficiency on social media platforms, leading to the rise of automation and smart campaigns. Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat are all integrating AI features into their advertising platforms. Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns, Smart Performance Campaigns, Automated Campaign Building, and Instant Create – these are just a few examples of how platforms are urging advertisers to embrace automation throughout the campaign creation process. 

How to Leverage: Opt-in to these automated campaign types if you haven’t yet – your competitors already are. These platforms will continue to drive advertisers to leverage machine learning and automation for more effective and streamlined campaign creation. 

AI – The Creative Co-Pilot 

AI is set to be the buzzword in advertising this year. Brands are increasingly adopting AI features to enhance efficiency across various aspects of their social ad campaigns. From AI-generated creatives to defining target audiences, customer personas, copywriting, and strategy generation – the role of AI in the advertising landscape is expanding rapidly. However, the acceptance of AI-generated content among consumers remains a question mark, adding an element of unpredictability to this evolving trend.

How to Leverage: If you haven’t begun experimenting with AI for your social media marketing needs, here is your gentle nudge to start. Advertisers can use AI as a tool to assist their day-to-day responsibilities but also spark new ideas and ways to efficiently produce comprehensive paid social strategies. 

In conclusion, 2024 will be characterized by a combination of social media trends, both old and new. The dance between brand loyalty, influencer marketing, video content, and AI will undoubtedly call for an exciting and dynamic year. 

See our previous post by Kelsey Smigiel, 6 Essential “To-Dos” for Paid Social Success, with an infographic for some helpful tips as you manage your social campaigns this year.

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