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Although unprecedented times are still very much upon us, if there is something to take away from the past few years, it is that we are stronger together. In times when it is easy to lose faith or grow skeptical, we can all agree that when we work together, the impact is much greater. 

Everyone can think of causes and organizations they like to support. In trying times, support, no matter the size, goes a long way for many non-profit organizations. Support is the very thing that can bring our communities together. In light of recent times, it is important to highlight the fundraising and advertising capabilities available to nonprofit organizations and supporters on Facebook and Instagram. 

There are two avenues to gather donations using Facebook charitable giving tools. 

  1. Nonprofits can collect donations through their Nonprofit Facebook Page. 
  2. Supporters collect donations on a nonprofit’s behalf.

On-Facebook Donation Ads for Nonprofit Organizations

In an effort to provide a seamless donation experience for supporters, On-Facebook Donation Ads bring the transaction directly onto the Facebook platform. This feature is available to all nonprofits who qualify for Facebook Fundraising tools (see link for application). 

Your On-Facebook Donation Ads can be built directly within Ads Manager. Just be sure to select “Facebook Donation” as your conversion event on the ad set level. There are also two exclusive custom audiences that this feature gives you access to, including previous fundraiser creators and previous donors. These will help you directly connect to users who have engaged with your previous fundraisers. With these campaigns, you will be able to track On-Facebook Donations, On-Facebook Donate Conversion Value, and On-Facebook Donation ROAS to easily monitor your campaign’s performance. 

How Can You Support a Nonprofit Organization?

For the causes or nonprofits you or your business would like to support, supporters can use their Facebook and Instagram communities to help drive awareness and gather donations on behalf of nonprofit organizations. There are several avenues for Facebook and Instagram users to show their support and encourage their communities and audiences to do the same. 

  1. Supporter Fundraisers – Gives users a dedicated fundraising page they can use to raise money on behalf of a fundraiser. This page has all of the native Facebook features to help spread the word about the fundraiser. 
  1. Post Donate Button – A simple way to ask for donations on Facebook. Create a post, choose to add the Donate button, select your desired nonprofit as the beneficiary, and post.
  1. Live Video with Donate Button – Connect instantly with people who care through a live broadcast, and add a donation button.
  1. Fundraiser Sticker (Facebook) – Raise money for a cause by adding the fundraiser sticker to your Facebook stories. 
  1. Donation Sticker (Instagram) – Create 24-hour fundraisers on Instagram with the donation sticker on your Story. 

Additional Features to Take Fundraising to the Next Level

Facebook and Instagram have created the tools to help nonprofits and supporters spread the word about the causes they care about. Using the tools that are available can help drive positive change in our communities. Whether you are a nonprofit organization or a supporter, you can use these social tools to do more good. 

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