How to Write Compelling Ad Copy that Jumps off the Page

Great ad copy – the kind that jumps off the page – will resonate with the right person at exactly the right time. Here’s how to create compelling ad copy.

Do Your Research

Start by doing your research and thinking about the needs of the person performing the search. Great ad copy begins with thorough research. By digging in and seeing who is searching and what they are searching for, you can create a message centered around how your product or service can help them.

  1. Target Market: Research your audience so your ad copy is relatable. Find out who’s searching for your product or service and why. The more you know about your target market, the easier it is to write compelling ad copy that speaks to them.
  2. Search Terms: Analyze which search terms are most commonly used when looking for your product or service. Use Google’s Keyword Planner or Microsoft’s Keyword Planner to get a list of keyword ideas for your content and their search volume.
  3. Competitors: Do a Google or Bing search for those keywords to see whose ads are currently showing on the top the search engine results page (SERP). See what similar companies are calling out to and how it differs from what you offer.

Write Your Ad Copy

Now that you’ve done some research, you can start crafting your ad copy. Use these seven simple tips to guide you.

  1. Match the Website: Use language from the landing page that you are sending users to. You want your ad to have the same feel as the website they are being sent to. If someone clicks on an ad for blue umbrellas, then they will expect to be taken to a landing page with blue umbrellas.
  2. Keywords: Use keywords from your ad group in your ad. For example, if you’re advertising on the keyword red sneakers then include those exact keywords in your ad copy. Google and Microsoft will automatically bold the keywords being searched on the SERP, making your ad more noticeable. Studies have found that users engage more with ads that are more relevant to their search, so be specific in your keyword use.
  3. Character Space: Fill up the character space. The more space you use, the less ad space there is for your competitors. Headlines have a 30-character limit and descriptions have a 90-character limit. Each headline and description should highlight something new and special. Be mindful that ads show differently on mobile versus desktop. For example, ads will always show at least two headlines and one description but could show up to three headlines and two descriptions if the user searches on a device with a larger screen.
  4. Features and Benefits: What makes your product stand out? Highlight any unique features such as size, color, and material. Once you know the best features, include how a user can benefit from using your product. If you sell bed linens, include the material such as Egyptian cotton or 1800 thread count. Since a benefit of Egyptian cotton bed linens is sleeping comfortably on soft bedding, highlight this in your ad. If your product can solve a problem or fulfill a need, tell users how and why they should choose yours.
  5. Sales and Promos: Everyone loves getting a deal, and running a sale creates a compelling reason for them to buy now. Include any sales and promotions in your ad copy so they are front and center.
  6. Free Shipping: Do you offer free shipping on all orders or on orders over a certain amount? If so, then include that in your ad. Free shipping is a huge incentive for users to buy. Make sure to include the spend threshold, if you have one.
  7. Call to Action: Let users know what you want them to do by adding a clear call to action such as “buy now,” “book an appointment,” “request a quote,” or “sign up.” If you offer a service, include how to contact your business. You can’t include a phone number in the ad text but you can include “call now” or “contact us,” making it clear how you want searchers to reach out.

Creating effective, compelling ad copy helps drive qualified traffic to your site. Be specific about what you offer when crafting your message. You can easily make adjustments if the data suggests, but always give your ads some time to perform before making any major changes. You use your ad copy to get your message in front of potential customers – make your message stand out from the crowd.

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