2020 Facebook Holiday Shopping Insights

COVID-19 has changed how we live and technology is used more widely now than ever. With people spending most of their time inside, the holiday season is going to look a bit different this year. More people than ever will be shopping online from the comfort and safety of their homes. To understand how shopping patterns will change this year, Facebook has provided an insight guide to help you plan for the unprecedented holiday season ahead.

Insight #1: Generation Xers and Baby Boomers Dominate Global Mobile and Ecommerce Growth

Of those surveyed, 44% of Generation Xers and 30% of Baby Boomers said they are spending more time shopping online. This trend will continue, with 43% of people saying they plan to continue shopping online more frequently even after the pandemic is contained.

Recommended actions: 

  • Reduce friction across the digital and physical path to purchase: Give people what they want — a seamless shopping experience. Preventing hiccups is crucial to keeping shoppers on your page.
  • Lay the foundation for simple shopping: Encourage and allow shoppers to purchase what they want, where they want, and when they want. Experiment with other shopping channels such as Instagram, Facebook Marketplace, and Facebook Shops.
  • Make communication quick and easy: Enable messaging for convenient and in-the-moment contact with your customers.

Insight #2: Self-Gifting and Seasonal Shopping Can Be Positive Outlets in Difficult Times

An astonishing 74% of the global shoppers surveyed are researching gifts for themselves and 78% are researching gifts for others. Affordable luxuries and rewards can help people stay positive in trying times. It’s your job to answer the question: What can they afford right now?

Recommended actions:

  • Help people discover things they’ll love: Use Facebook Dynamic Ads to reach people who have expressed interest in your products.
  • Help people “try” before they buy: Experiment with Facebook Augmented Reality (AR) Ads to help people interact with your products virtually.

Insight #3: Imposed Disruption Fuels Receptiveness to New Products and Services

In this new normal, people are more amenable to trying new products and services. The holidays have always been a time where people are open to trying new things, but this year the willingness to step outside of their comfort zone is even more prominent.

Recommended actions:

  • Take the opportunity to spark new connections: Attract new audiences with Facebook Stories Ads. 50% of people who use Facebook stories have said that they have motivated them through the buying process.
  • Reach new audiences with branded content: Broaden your audience with the help of creators people love.
  • Grow your business with cross-border solutions: Expand your targeting to find potential customers in other countries.

Insight #4: The Economic Downturn Will Expedite the Rise of Mega Sales

With COVID-19 impacting the finances of many, people will be waiting for big sale days to purchase products. Mega sale days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be incredibly important days to take advantage of this year.

Recommended Actions:

  • Appeal to shopping preferences and accelerate buying: Getting closer to mega sale days, use liquidity to connect with the shoppers most likely to purchase from you. Allowing the campaign budget to flow along the most efficient route to fulfill your objective is a great way to capitalize and make the most impact on mega sale days.
  • Channel the energy of mega sale days in new ways: Get creative to capture the attention of your potential customers. Try engaging with people using Facebook or Instagram Live.

Insight #5: The New Value Equation — Affordability, Authenticity, and Action

Social responsibility and brand authenticity are more influential than ever. People want to support the businesses they care about. How well a brand responds to the pandemic will make a huge impact on shopping decisions from consumers.

Recommended actions:

  • Share your values and take action: Help your audience understand your values and show what you have done to support the community through this difficult time.
  • Show support with brand partnerships: Use Facebook Collaborative Ads to showcase a single brand’s products.

Just because we can’t be physically together with our extended families, doesn’t mean the holiday season isn’t a magical time. Use these insights to create ads that help spread the magic and grow your sales at the same time. By doing both, you double your chances for the happiest of holidays!

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