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Mobile and Paid Search – Why it’s a Big Deal

Our Google AdWords reps came to visit us recently, and they brought along a mobile expert. She spoke to us for two hours about the importance of mobile to our clients businesses and shared some very eye-opening [...]

By | August 1st, 2016|PPC Advertising|

Five Common Paid Search Mistakes

We’ve had prospective clients come to us and say something like, ‘I’ve tried PPC before and it didn’t work at all. I spent a lot of money, really fast and got nothing out of it, but [...]

By | June 13th, 2016|PPC Advertising|

The Importance of Feed Management for Google Shopping

I’ve been to Google three times for Shopping campaign training, and at least half the time is spent on optimizing the feed. The reason behind that it because, as a Googler (who I will not mention [...]

By | January 25th, 2016|PPC Advertising|

Tablet-Friendly Websites and PPC Advertising

My husband was trying to buy Blue Man Group tickets recently from his iPad. Blue Man Group uses Ticketmaster for processing and buying the tickets, but Ticketmaster requires Flash to pick the seats he wanted. After [...]

By | May 20th, 2014|PPC Advertising|

Google Enhanced Campaigns Device Targeting

On Thursday, February 21st, Google completed their second Webcast in the Enhanced Campaign Series, called “Device Bid Adjustments and Smarter Mobile Ads.” Andy Miller, Google's Head of Mobile Search Sales and Strategy and one of the [...]

By | February 21st, 2013|PPC Advertising|

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Coming Soon

You may have heard something on the news or online yesterday about the big changes coming to Google AdWords and how they might impact your PPC Management.  Google  is revamping (in their words "upgrading") the way [...]

By | February 7th, 2013|PPC Advertising|

Paid PLAs Impact Non-PLA Advertisers

If you have an ecommerce website, I'm seeing big changes for those clients who are NOT advertising on the Google Shopping Network using Product Listing Ads (PLAs). Google Shopping is one of the top comparison shopping [...]

By | December 13th, 2012|PPC Advertising|

Google AdWords Shared Budget

I'm excited about the new Google AdWords option Shared Budgets that was rolled out starting September 17. I have to admit that when I first heard about it, I really wasn't that impressed, as the way [...]

By | October 16th, 2012|PPC Advertising|

My Google AdWords Request List

I love Google AdWords - I really do. I love how  they are innovators in the land of paid advertising. But here's a list of things in AdWords that I would love to see changed or [...]

By | September 20th, 2012|PPC Advertising|

Manage Disapproved Keywords and Ads in adCenter? HELP!

adCenter recently changed the way you locate and manage editorial disapprovals in the UI in order to make it easier to find and take action. Unfortunately, while they were attempting to make it easier, it's actually [...]

By | September 13th, 2012|PPC Advertising|