How to Grant Agency Access in Amazon Ads

Granting agency access to Amazon Ads is a great starting point to help your partner agency effectively manage your Amazon Ads account. Doing so is beneficial to both your business and your partner agency for a number of reasons. For your partner agency, it makes it easier to navigate to your account, as well as track your advertising spend and campaign performance. These permissions also allow the entire Amazon division of the partner agency to access your account. For example, if your account lead is out of the office and can’t be reached, and an emergency in the account pops up, someone else in the agency can work with you to solve the issue. 

Another benefit that comes with this process of granting agency access to your Amazon Ads account is that your partner agency has more access to your account. This means that if – and when – certain issues pop up, they have the ability to troubleshoot and work through the problem. 

For your business, your partner agency will gain access to an Amazon Account Manager that is available to help with troubleshooting any issues that occur in your account. The account manager can also provide you with important data and advice on how to succeed in your category, as well as best practices when it comes to advertising with Amazon. 

The process of granting agency access is very straightforward with Amazon Ads. We encourage every business that is working with a partner agency to take this step. Let’s run through the process of granting agency access now.

The first step is to send your account ID to your partner agency. You should be able to find your account ID at the top of the “Access and Settings” page in the ad console. Your account ID starts with an “A” and is followed by a series of numbers and letters. The example that Amazon gives for the account ID is A123456789.

Once your partner agency has your account ID, they can then navigate to their administration page, which they can access by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom left corner of their ad console.

They can then click on the “Linked Accounts” page, where they will be able to enter your account ID. The “Account Marketplace” refers to the country your account operates in. If you sell in multiple countries, be sure to grant access to your partner agency for each country that you actively sell in.

Amazon Ads will then send an automated email that will allow you to approve your partner agency’s request. In addition, after your agency clicks on “Add Account,” they will receive a link on their screen. It might be helpful to have your partner agency copy the approval link and send it to you in an email for you to approve rather than waiting for Amazon to send you the email.

Granting Amazon Ads agency access to your partner agency is a great decision for both your business and any agency that you partner with. With the myriad of potential issues that could occur in your account, granting agency access makes it easier for your partner agency to troubleshoot that problem, and to bring in an Amazon Account Manager if needed to resolve the issue. Granting agency access fosters growth and communication between yourself and your partner agency.

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