JumpFly Returning to its Elgin, Illinois Office

In an effort to regain some normalcy of pre-pandemic life, JumpFly will be resuming in-person office hours on Tuesday, July 6, 2021. JumpFly staff began working from home in March 2020 when the Illinois stay-at-home orders were first implemented. Now that Illinois has fully reopened and vaccinations are widely available, JumpFly leadership has decided to restart in-office hours two days per week.

After months of careful deliberation, it was decided that JumpFly employees would be given the opportunity to choose which two days their team would like to be in the office, and which three they would remain working remotely. This option offers the best of both worlds: time in the office for team collaboration and culture, and time working from home to maintain an optimal work-to-life balance.

“We hope that the flexibility of this new hybrid schedule will help JumpFly staff ease into getting back into the office. We have thrived working from home, but our unique and vibrant culture is difficult to experience working from home,” said JumpFly President Michael Marchese.

Whether working from home or from our brick and mortar office, JumpFly’s growing team of nearly 50 continues to be the very best in the digital marketing industry. From its core pay-per-click (PPC) services to social media and Amazon advertising, and search engine optimization (SEO), JumpFly has the digital marketing expertise you need to help your business succeed online.

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