JumpFly’s Proactive Monitoring System Saves Clients Money

Managing digital marketing campaigns requires a great deal of attention to detail. There are plenty of factors that can cause a campaign to go off track, from inventory feed issues to website downtime. To solve that, JumpFly developed proprietary monitoring software that provides an extra set of eyes to watch over its clients’ advertising campaigns and their associated assets, such as landing pages. 

On Friday, June 11, 2021, JumpFly’s proactive monitoring system once again proved itself. One of the leading ecommerce platforms had an outage that caused clients to see error messages on a large number of hosted websites. Since JumpFly technology is fully engaged 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, it was able to alert staff to this growing problem before the platform itself even publicly acknowledged the outage. 

JumpFly’s alerting platform worked precisely as intended. Once the system noticed that hundreds of web pages were triggering error codes, it alerted account managers companywide so that they could decide what steps should be taken. This is just one of the many ways JumpFly applies technology to ensure the best possible digital advertising performance. Being alerted early means that JumpFly’s team can pause advertising campaigns before money is wasted on clicks that go nowhere. 

“The alerting systems employed at JumpFly are truly second-to-none. Rather than picking from off-the-shelf products or services that rarely accomplish 100% of requirements, we created this platform from scratch to solve the exact problems that can arise in the digital advertising space. It works 24x7x365 and needs zero breaks. Just like one of the U.S. Navy’s mantras, JumpFly is always on watch.”

Rob Abraham, JumpFly’s Chief Technology Officer

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