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Gone are the days of end-of-month spreadsheet reports and the days of manually adding up totals from multiple advertising platforms. Creating digital marketing performance reports from scratch takes up valuable agency time and resources. We can simply describe this antiquated process with one word: “headache.”

JumpFly’s ad-tech innovation began with the creation of a proprietary system that combined data from various advertising platforms to generate fully automated reports into easily readable PDFs. This reporting system was the integral first step to developing a brand new, cutting-edge, self-service dashboard that delivers an incredible amount of information. Furthermore, this data provided is available in real-time, on any device, anywhere in the world. 

Developing innovative and robust technology in the digital marketing space is a difficult task, but JumpFly’s in-house team has proven itself to be industry-leading experts in the field. By leveraging ad platform APIs’ power and its proprietary reporting software, JumpFly has developed an intuitive pay-per-click (PPC) account performance monitoring dashboard that is second to none. 

“Since the inception of JumpFly’s technology department, one of our primary goals has been to develop state-of-the-art reporting solutions. Delivering fully transparent, easy-to-read reporting information to our clients requires significant effort on our side. The JumpFly Digital Marketing Dashboard is a massive improvement on our already valuable reporting capabilities. We’re truly excited to launch a product that gives so much information on demand to our clients. This is the latest iteration in our never-ending efforts to continually innovate and improve on everything ad-tech-related. Wait until you see what we do next!”

Rob Abraham, JumpFly’s Chief Technology Officer

Currently available to a select group of JumpFly clients, the new JumpFly Digital Marketing Dashboard has been beta-tested for months and is anticipated to be ready for a full company-wide roll-out in July 2021. 

With ease-of-use at its core, the team has created a walkthrough tour of the dashboard so that JumpFly clients are immediately aware of how to use the platform, as well as its more notable features.

Screenshot of Dashboard Tour

Data provided in the dashboard is pulled in real-time from the Facebook, Google, and Microsoft Advertising APIs to provide the most accurate up-to-the-minute information available. In addition, those with privileges can log in to the system and view their cross-platform ad spend, performance, and more. This unprecedented, one-location access is beneficial for businesses who like to keep an eagle eye on their campaigns but don’t necessarily want to have to access each platform individually or wait for end-of-month reports to be delivered. 

The JumpFly Digital Marketing Dashboard aggregates available information from all platforms and delivers it in an easy-to-navigate, aesthetically pleasing interface. 

Clients can view high-level summarized data inside its executive overview (at-a-glance view) or dig into much deeper detail within platform-specific sections of the dashboard. The amount of performance data contained in the system is massive. Along with the standard metrics, an advertiser is used to seeing, we’ve added a few unique features that are rarely seen elsewhere, such as Demographic and Geographical performance. These additional metrics can provide valuable insight into how your marketing campaigns are performing. 

Screenshot of Geographical Performance in Dashboard

JumpFly’s Digital Marketing Dashboard is an extraordinary addition to the personalized services available from JumpFly’s growing team of nearly 50 digital marketing experts. The development resources necessary to create such a powerful tool in-house are vast, especially for a boutique agency like JumpFly. The roll-out of this program is the culmination of hundreds of ideas, thousands of hours of human resources, and several hundred thousand lines of code — and JumpFly is excited to share it with you.

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