JumpFly Digital Marketing Dashboard: Live For All Clients

First introduced in June 2021, JumpFly’s Digital Marketing Dashboard (DMD) has been successfully rolled out to all JumpFly clients. Created by its in-house technology development team, this dashboard replaces the monthly reports sent by JumpFly account teams. JumpFly clients now all have access to their account dashboard to view their advertising account performance data in real-time. 

“We are pleased to be able to offer this robust reporting dashboard to all JumpFly-managed digital advertisers. We hope that the transparency of the data and how easy it is to access through our platform will help advertisers know what is going on in their accounts at all times.”

 — Michael Marchese, JumpFly’s President

While in beta, JumpFly testers reported that having their cross-platform performance data available at a moment’s notice — on any device — was a fantastic value add. “Having all the information put in one place is super handy for me, as I don’t have to sign into multiple platforms and poke around for data,” one CMO beta tester reported. 

The reports provided in the DMD pull an incredible amount of information from the Application Programming Interface (API) for each advertising platform. The proprietary system uses the data to create a beautiful, easy-to-read report. “Having all of the data points I could ever want or need available in one seamless dashboard makes my life so much easier when I am looking at performance,” said one Marketing Director. 

The ability to change the date range on demand was another feature that early testers of the DMD appreciated. “I love how we can check-in and watch week by week what’s going on with our accounts,” said a VP of Marketing. While another early user said, “The great thing about these reports is that they show me more than just the usual clicks, impressions, and conversions. With the DMD reports, I can see demographic information, user location, and so much more!” 

While beta users found the dashboard well developed and “super intuitive,” user feedback provided valuable insight into how the dashboard could be even better. The JumpFly Chief Technology Officer reviewed every piece of feedback that the development team received, and the development team implemented user interface or back-end API changes to make the dashboard more user-friendly. 

JumpFly’s Digital Marketing Dashboard is a welcome addition to the industry-leading services from JumpFly’s growing team of more than 50 digital marketing experts. This innovative offering is the culmination of hundreds of ideas, thousands of person-hours, and several hundred thousand lines of code — and JumpFly is thrilled to share it with its clients.

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