Clutch Names JumpFly to the Global 1000

To reach the top is the easy part, staying there is another matter. Every company wants to reach the summit of its respective fields. It takes a lot of hard work and even more luck to get there. Staying consistent at the highest level is one of the most difficult things to do in business.

Fortunately, JumpFly has been chosen as part of the lucky few that have pulled that off. This is because JumpFly has once again been named as one of the Clutch Global 1000 for the year 2021.

Clutch is an independent online reviews platform that’s based in Washington, DC. They use a unique verification process that allows them to determine the authenticity of any information that’s sent to them. The ones that pass this process are published on their website.

These reviews form the basis of Clutch’s B2B industry research in determining the best companies in every industry from all over the world. The ones that rise to the top after that process become part of the curated Clutch list of top companies. The process doesn’t stop there, though.

In an effort to narrow down the list for the best of the best even further, they created the Clutch Global 1000. A ranked list of the best 1000 companies in the world – period. This list is an extremely exclusive club that most businesses could only dream of becoming a part of – and this is the fourth year that JumpFly has been included.

Being recognized as a Clutch Global Leader for the third year in a row is an incredible honor. We pride ourselves on our expertise, transparency, and unbeatable attention to detail — and this award exemplifies that.

Michael Marchese, President of JumpFly.

JumpFly would like to take this opportunity to formally and sincerely thank all of its clients and partners that made not just this award but all the others that came before it as well possible. So many new opportunities opened up because of these accolades, and JumpFly couldn’t be more grateful to the people that helped along the way.

JumpFly experts want to work with you. If you want to learn more about the award-winning services that JumpFly offers, don’t hesitate to contact the team today.

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