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Meet our Social Media Director, Stephanie Shaw. She leads our growing team of Paid Social Advertising experts.

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Why Choose JumpFly for Your Paid Social?

Why is JumpFly the right choice? The answer is simple – we’re the best, and it shows. Our experienced team of officially certified experts understands Facebook’s unique features and inner workings better than anyone. 

Our unique combination of expertise, technology, and ad creation talent, makes us the absolute best choice for anyone advertising on Meta or other social platforms.

JumpFly takes away the stress and removes much of the unpredictability associated with Facebook advertising. We generate millions in revenue each month for our clients, and with no contract,  our ability to consistently reach goals is what makes them stay.

Discover What Sets JumpFly Apart:

  • We are a Trusted Meta Business Partner
  • We are a Meta Media & Creative Strategy Certified Company
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  • Total Performance Transparency
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Frequently Asked Questions

While it’s recommended to have a presence on multiple social media platforms, it’s definitely not necessary to advertise on all of them! Our approach involves a comprehensive discussion about your business goals and budget, coupled with an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape. We’ll evaluate the targeting options and content suitability for each platform, while also considering factors like tracking, regulatory compliance, and scalability.  With this holistic assessment, our team of experts will recommend the most effective platforms for your initial investment, focusing on where you’re most likely to engage your target audience effectively.

While every advertiser is different when it comes to their goals and how much they are willing to spend to reach them, it is generally recommended to invest at least $10,000 per month on Meta ads in order to give the algorithm the best chance of “learning” and optimizing your campaigns. This also gives your Paid Social Team the opportunity to test into multiple campaign types to identify which approaches will maximize your ad dollars.

While videos are not required to run ads on Meta, they are highly recommended! Meta’s algorithm works best when it’s able to deliver multiple ad formats to your audience. Testing multiple ad formats also allows your dedicated Paid Social Team to test and iterate different creative approaches to identify what’s resonating best with your audience!

Many advertisers are interested in only targeting Instagram or Facebook, based on where they think their audience spends most of their time. However, Meta recommends increasing audience liquidity by targeting all possible placements – and we often see better results with this strategy. This allows the algorithm to deliver your ads wherever the cheapest cost opportunities are available and automatically re-distribute spend to the placements where you are getting the best results.

To determine whether your ads may be at risk of getting disapproved, we recommend referring to Meta’s Advertising Standards. Your Paid Social ads team is able to help escalate the review of any rejected ads, and they can also implement a strategic approach to introducing new ads to minimize the risk of additional disapprovals.

Special Ad Categories are designed for ads related to certain sensitive topics where targeting options are restricted to prevent discrimination. These categories include ads for credit, employment, housing, social issues, elections, or politics. When advertisers create an ad within these categories, they are required to declare it. This declaration limits targeting options, such as by age, gender, and certain demographic, behavior, or interest details to promote fairness and compliance with anti-discrimination laws. Additionally, geographical targeting must meet minimum radius requirements. This approach ensures advertisers follow legal guidelines and promotes equality in ad targeting and messaging.

The iOS 14.5 update has notably impacted Facebook’s pixel tracking functionality, influencing key areas like ad targeting, real-time reporting, conversion tracking, and audience retargeting, especially for users who opt-out of tracking. In response, our measurement strategies are flexible and client-specific. Potential strategies could include adopting a more holistic approach, focusing on on-site user engagement, or possibly suggesting the use of first-party tags and attribution software for enhanced data gathering and analysis. Our goal is to ensure our strategies are both effective and adaptable to the dynamic nature of digital advertising.

Advertising can certainly yield results even if your company isn’t very active on social media. However, an organic presence can significantly enhance your brand’s credibility and authenticity, particularly for new audience members. Prospective customers often check out advertisers’ social media pages and profiles for additional information and to read reviews. Therefore, we recommend enriching these pages with as much relevant content as possible. A consistent posting schedule, with one to three organic posts per week, is advisable. Additionally, regular engagement with your audience through comment moderation and prompt message responses is crucial for building trust and a positive brand image.

It depends! While Google Ads typically target in-market audiences (people who are already searching for the products or services you provide), paid social ads are more “disruptive” – meaning you are typically delivering ads to people who may be interested in your products or services, but are not necessarily in the market for them yet. Because of this, paid social ads can be more expensive per result, but there are also many other factors that can impact the overall cost – Return on Ad Spend, whether or not you are running any remarketing efforts, etc. It’s also important to remember that paid social ads can be great for exposure and can even work synergistically with Google to help boost your paid search performance!

While our base management fees do not include creative services, we do offer a few different creative packages! For more information, please speak to your Paid Social Account Manager or a sales representative.

At JumpFly, we prioritize complete transparency in reporting on our paid social campaign performances. This is achieved through a real-time performance dashboard that keeps our clients fully informed about their campaign’s progress and effectiveness.


Ready to See What We can do for you?

We’ll show you our expertise in action with a complimentary and comprehensive ad account audit.


Ready to See What We can do for you?

We’ll show you our expertise in action with a complimentary and comprehensive ad account audit.



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