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Sheec - Case Study

The Power of Influencer Content on Meta Campaigns

Sheec, a brand known for its high-quality no-show socks, sought to improve performance and expand its customer base. With a reputation for delivering superior comfort and style, Sheec had a loyal customer following but faced challenges in reaching new audiences and maintaining growth. Recognizing the potential of influencer marketing, we proposed integrating this strategy into Sheec’s business-as-usual (BAU) operations to amplify brand visibility and drive sales.


Traditional media was no longer delivering the desired results for Sheec. Despite a solid presence on the platform, there was a need for a resurgence in sales. This necessitated a shift in our creative strategy to identify and implement a new approach that would revitalize Sheec’s Meta ads, enhance brand visibility, and drive conversions.


To address this challenge, we leveraged content provided by Sheec through their influencer partnerships. We utilized both branded content and allowlisting to extend the reach and authenticity of our campaigns. Our approach focused on the effective implementation and optimization of this content.


Purchases increased by 49.86%, cost per purchase decreased by 5.77%, and overall brand visibility is up 21.40% year-over-year. The success of this campaign highlighted the effectiveness of influencer marketing in driving business growth and demonstrated the value of integrating such strategies into Sheec’s ongoing marketing efforts.

“We were thrilled to see the strategic use of influencer content lead to significant improvements in key performance metrics, including a notable increase in total purchases and impressions, and a reduction in cost per purchase.”

 – Stephanie Shaw, Social Media Director, JumpFly Inc.

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Increase in Purchases*


Cost-Per-Purchase Decrease*


Total Impression Increase*

*3 Months Prior to launch compared to 3 months after.

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