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Window Design Group - Case Study

JumpFly Acheived a 215% Increase in Conversions

A Window to Energy Saving 

Founded in 1960 and still family-owned, Window Design Group is based in Simi Valley, 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. The company began its retail business in the 1990s and serves Southern California homeowners, specializing in energy-efficient replacement windows, window shutters, window coverings, doors, blinds, and shades. Window Design Group prides itself on reliable service; detailed work agreements; and a professional, friendly staff.

Going Digital and Maximizing AdWords’ Potential

Like many small, family-owned businesses operating in a large metropolitan suburb, Window Design Group had conducted most of its advertising through print publications and direct mail. In 2012, however, the company’s vice president of marketing, Vincent Margott, said that his print advertising budget had “maxed out” with less than satisfactory results.

That’s when Window Design Group decided to look into digital advertising specifically with Google AdWords. Margott was hooked. “We love the advantage AdWords gives us to be able to see what keywords are driving leads, the ability to scale up or down at any time,” he says. “For years, we only had print advertising, and when an ad launched, no matter the response, there was no changing it or adjusting it for optimization. With AdWords, we have the ability to do that.”


Window Design Group’s goals were straightforward but still challenging:

  • To keep expanding in its coverage area
  • To lower its cost per lead (CPL) while ensuring it didn’t lose any quantity of its leads
  • To add three sales representatives and fill their schedules while maintaining the same CPL

Mobile advertising is the answer

Window Design Group began its online campaigns by working with one pay-per-click (PPC) management company after another, but “our mobile campaigns generated very little performance, and we canceled them,” Margott says. “We had too high of a CPL to continue.”

Then, Window Design Group began to work with Google Premier Partner, JumpFly. “After reviewing the account, I realized that most of the leads came from phone calls,” says JumpFly PPC Account Specialist Faina Shapiro. “They were using third-party call tracking, but the data was never imported into Google AdWords.” Added Margott: “We simply told them our available budgets, they told us what they could do within that budget, and from there they handled everything. JumpFly built and optimized the campaigns, watched the performance, and relayed any important information back to us in a very transparent manner.”

Shapiro convinced Margott that his company was missing a larger opportunity—the mobile consumer—and proceeded to build a PPC strategy focused on mobile advertising and tracking. “We wanted to capture the on-the-go customer who was looking to make an appointment with a company from calling off of their cell phone or using their tablet,” Margott says. “We were missing the market on the mobile ads for a long time by only advertising in print media and initially desktop only with AdWords.”


Optimizing the campaign
JumpFly created robust search campaigns with mobile bid modifiers to capture as much qualified traffic as possible. The initial campaign specifically targeted those who searched for the selected keywords and were located in Window Design Group’s targeting area. It included the following features:

  • Custom locations
  • Mobile bid adjustments
  • Day-of-the-week and hour-of-the-day bid adjustments
  • Mobile preferred ads
  • A/B ad testing

Shapiro also had no difficulty persuading Margott to invest in remarketing— creating custom audience lists targeting those who had visited certain pages on Window Design Group’s website but who didn’t fill out a form.

Uploading the call data into Google AdWords has been another huge part of Window Design’s online marketing success. “When JumpFly took over our account, they restructured it and improved our ads,” Margott says. “They encouraged more A/B testing, which has led us to a lower CPC (cost per click) and CPL than we’ve ever achieved.”


After seeing how well mobile was doing, JumpFly and Window Design Group then:

  • Increased mobile bids to ensure a higher mobile presence
  • Created custom mobile-optimized landing pages for PPC
  • Used data from Google AdWords and Google Analytics to optimize each campaign
  • Used metrics from cost per acquisition (CPA) and tracked phone calls from AdWords to determine the right CPL

The Window Opens for More Business JumpFly helps Window Design Group:

  • 56% increase in conversion rate
  • 215% increase in the number of conversions
  • 15% decrease in CPC, from $6.73 in 2013 to $5.72 in 2017


Increase in Conversions


Conversion Rate


Decrease in CPC
 *Time Frame: January 1 to May 24, 201770

“We didn’t think we’d be able to grow our budget to the level it is today. And we’ve achieved our goal of providing our sales team with a full schedule at a CPL we are happy with. JumpFly helped us achieve our goals of expanding our sales team and growing leads while lowering our overall company CPL.”

- Vincent Margott, VP of Marketing

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