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ShopWildThings - Case Study

ShopWildThings Elevates Events Nationwide Through Digital Marketing Magnificence

A family-owned business since 1989, ShopWildThings knew if they were to make their mark with their brilliant bead curtains and wedding decor, they had to provide the highest quality and the strongest customer support in the industry. To this day, ShopWildThings maintains that quality standard and a stellar customer satisfaction rate.

Originally partnering with JumpFly in 2009, Katie Henderson, ShopWildThings Vice President, and Jack O’Donnell, JumpFly Senior Account Manager, worked together to grow the business with Google Search campaigns. Following a short but painful departure from JumpFly in late 2014, Katie quickly realized the dedication and commitment provided by the JumpFly team aligned perfectly with the ShopWildThings philosophy and standards. They returned to JumpFly in need of immediate measures to “right the ship.”


Revival and Recovery

ShopWildThings’s difficult experience taught them that while PPC and SEO are both important, they each require a unique set of skills. The JumpFly team quickly assessed the damage, stopped the hemorrhaging and introduced new Google opportunities in Search, Display and Shopping, setting the strategy to not only “right the ship” but send it sailing to success.


Implementing the Triple Threat to Reach & Exceed ShopWildThings’s Goals
Upon returning to JumpFly, Jack and his team began the process of restructuring the account for Search, introduced Dynamic Remarketing and optimized the Shopping campaigns for stronger visibility and increased sales. New ideas and seasonality provided momentum to aim for new heights. The goal to “save” the account and set it back on track was implemented.


Calmer Seas, Clearer Night and Glistening Stars

Calmer: Year-over-year performance has proven that the efforts were successful. The retooling of the Search campaigns resulted in a 25% reduction in overall cost, providing a 7.35% increase in revenue for Search alone. Cost per conversion dropped by more than 25%.

Clearer: Newly structured Shopping campaigns provided a strong foundation for growth. Marketing dollars spent on Google Shopping increased by 46%, resulting in a 59% increase in Google Shopping campaign revenue with a 9% return on ad spend across the campaigns.

Glistening: The implementation of Dynamic Remarketing campaigns generated a 180% increase in Display revenue year-over-year, and the number of conversions by 137%.

2016 marked ShopWildThings’s largest growth year, with a 35% increase in revenue overall. The renewed relationship between JumpFly and ShopWildThings proves the value of a strong partnership.



Increase In ROAS


Increase in revenue


Increase in conversions
 *Time Frame: 2018

“JumpFly campaign management is not a secret sauce, it is sound optimization driven by target ROAs for each and every product ID.”

“Within six months of leaving JumpFly for a well known SEO company, our sales were down and our budget was exceeded by $60,000. Not only has JumpFly righted the ship, they have taken our business to new heights with Search, Display and Shopping. I will be a client as long as I’m running Internet sites.”

JumpFly is on a quest
for even more client success.

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