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Nature Hills Nursery- Case Study

Nature Hills Nursery Grows By Leaps and Bounds with Google Shopping

Based out of Omaha, Nebraska, Nature Hills started as a local tree nursery in 2001, serving a limited geographic area. Over time and based on the needs of their clients, they have expanded to be one of the largest online plant nurseries in the United States but still sticking to their family-owned, customer-centric roots.

Nature Hills has worked with JumpFly since 2012. While, primarily focused on search at the start, their campaigns have also evolved over time making Shopping more and more the main revenue driver for their AdWords account.


Short Season – Big Goals

With the planting season running from spring into early summer, with a small spike in September, the Nature Hills season is very compressed. Another issue when dealing with plants and trees is that when something is out of stock, it’s not easy to get more, as items have to be grown.

This is why Shopping is the perfect medium for such items, because feeds can be updated multiple times per day.


JumpFly’s Plan of Attack

While Nature Hills had been advertising on Shopping since 2014, it was 2016 that really saw huge increases in traffic and revenue. The reason was two-fold.

The first reason was data quality improvement. Nikki Kuhlman, Senior Account Manager for JumpFly, convinced her client to utilize JumpFly’s Feed Management service, which allowed her to optimize titles and descriptions to Google Shopping best practices, as well as setup custom labels and product types for better segmentation.

The second reason was a complete restructuring of the Shopping campaigns. Instead of one Shopping campaign with an ad group per category on the website, Kuhlman built a new campaign for each category, with an ad group for every sub-category. That allowed for improved bid optimization to the SKU level, deeper negative keywords and better geographic bid adjustments.


From 2015 to 2016, Shopping clicks doubled from just over 1 million to over 2.25 million. Clicks costs dropped and conversions went up an astounding 158%. Even better, ROAS increased by 52% and CPAs dropped by 42%. Current statistics show that trend will continue. 

Since Partnering With JumpFly:



Increase in Shopping Clicks


Reduction in Shopping Cost Per Aquisition


Increase in Shopping Conversions


"The strength of Nature Hills’ Shopping strategy is built on sound principles: optimized data and structured campaign setup, and it’s paid off greatly.”

- Nikki Kuhlman, Senior Account Manager, JumpFly

“The ability of JumpFly to offer feed management to their clients, and an in-depth understanding of Shopping best practices has made a drastic difference in our revenue stream from Google AdWords. I’ve learned to trust the experience JumpFly gives their clients, especially when it comes to Shopping.”

- Doug Hall, Marketing Director, Nature Hills

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