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Hayabusa - Case Study

A Collaborative Approach to Successful Growth Generates a 99% MoM Revenue Increase

Hayabusa Fightwear is a leader in the combat equipment and fight apparel industry. Their product offerings include elite-level boxing gloves, premium quality boxing gear and fight apparel. Hayabusa was looking for aggressively scaled growth approaching the holiday season while maintaining performance efficiency levels at the same time.


JumpFly took a collaborative approach to individual campaign element optimization by leveraging the synergies of Hayabusa industry knowledge with JumpFly digital advertising expertise through comprehensive account review, one campaign and ad group at a time. Each campaign was restructured to establish a stronger foundation for growth with an enhanced focus on budget optimization ensuring the most efficient distribution of spend across all platforms and campaign types. There was also increased Brand awareness exposure through a targeted international expansion effort to grow the customer base.


Working together as a team has generated dramatic results effectively driving additional volume along with increased ROAS efficiency including new international activity.

Month Over Month – 

  • 88% Conversion Increase
  • 99% Revenue Increase
  • 16% ROAS Increase
  • 9% Cost-per-Conversion Decrease

Year Over Year – 

  • 21% Conversion Increase
  • 22% Revenue Increase
  • 10% ROAS Increase
  • 8% Cost-per-Conversion Decrease

“Our increased focus on leveraging the power of collaboration has fueled success.”

– Cary Goldstein, Account Director, JumpFly




Increase in Revenue (YoY)*


Increase in ROAS (YoY)*


Increase in Revenue (MoM)**


*During the time range of November 2022 to November 2023
** During the time range of October to November 2023

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