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AED Market - Case Study

AED Market harnesses the power of Bing Ads Shopping to increase revenue

AED Market sells AEDs and Defibrillators in a competitive market, with a limited budget. They needed to find a way to increase return on ad spend in order to invest more back into the business.


The first step was to improve the data in AED Market’s feed to enhance relevancy. AED Market added unique identifiers like brand, MPN and UPC where there were data gaps. Then JumpFly took the next step by following Bing best practices of including attributes like brand and MPN in the product titles. They also moved the client from an FTP upload to the Google Merchant Center feed import on a daily basis for better feed parity.

The next step was a complete rebuild of Shopping campaigns. The current campaign was one ad group with an ‘All Products’ product group. Instead, each brand became their own ad group, for improved bidding and negative terms. Remarketing Audiences were layered in to provide better long-term bid strategies due to the purchase cycle being on a longer time frame. JumpFly also added In-Market Audiences as another audience list, as soon as the product launched.


Return on Ad Spend has steadily increased and is currently at 585%,
which has given AED Market the confidence to add more budget
over time – more than 73% YoY. Shopping is 63% of AED Market’s
spend and their revenue, versus Search campaigns, making it an
incredibly important part of their business.



  • In Market Audiences
  • Search Remarketing
  • Microsoft Audience Network
  • Syndicated Search Partners


  • Target ROAS
  • Maximize Conversions
  • Enhanced CPC
  • Dynamic Search Ads


Increase In Conversion YoY


Current RoAS


Increase in Clicks YOY
 *Time Frame: 2018

“Bing Shopping has been a powerful tool to increase AED Market’s revenue and overall business.”

- Nikki Kuhlman, Account Director, JumpFly

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