UPDATE: Google Shares Details on $340-Million COVID-19 Advertising Relief

Earlier this year, Google announced their plan to assist small and medium-sized businesses through the COVID-19 crisis by issuing $340 million in ad credits. The details provided when this relief was announced where minimal, and recently Google has released some additional details.

According to Google’s official support page, advertisers must meet the following requirements to be eligible:

  1. Small and medium-sized business globally;
  2. Must have spent with a Google Ads account in 10 out of the 12 months of 2019;
  3. Must have spent with a Google Ads account in January and/or February of 2020;
  4. Advertisers also must have advertised directly through Google Ads, or through a third-party partner;
  5. Eligible advertisers must have adhered to Google’s advertising policies.

Google has begun rolling out these ad credits in New Zealand and is expected to launch in more countries in the coming weeks.

There is no application for this credit. Once the credits roll out in the advertiser’s country, the funds will be automatically applied to Google Ads accounts that meet the criteria above. An email notification will be sent to the primary account contact once the credit has been applied.

The question of the day is: “How much is my ad credit?”

Simply put, the most an advertiser can expect to see in COVID-19 advertising credits is $1,000.

Google’s official answer is:

The ad credit amount will vary by customer based on past Google Ads spend, the billing address of your country, and currency of the Google Ads account. Each eligible customer will receive one credit up to a maximum amount of what is equivalent to $1,000 USD. We focused on reaching our small business customers broadly with an ad credit as a gesture to show our support and solidarity with these businesses as they continue to engage with their customers.

Stay tuned to see how this evolves in the coming weeks as the credits roll out to more countries.

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