JumpFlyers Go Over The Edge for Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois

On Saturday, June 4th, 2022, JumpFly was a corporate sponsor at the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois (GSNI) Over The Edge event in Rockford, Illinois. This exciting occasion was the quarterly fundraiser for JumpFly Cares, JumpFly’s in-house philanthropy initiative, and five JumpFlyers were able to participate thanks to the funds raised by the JumpFly team.

JumpFly staffers learned about the event earlier this year and asked for volunteers. Astonishingly, four brave JumpFlyers volunteered to rappel down an 8-story building to raise money for GSNI programs. While the original sponsorship amount was enough to send one person Over the Edge, JumpFly wanted to offer all volunteers the opportunity to rappel. Through in-office fundraising efforts, JumpFly raised enough to send all four volunteers down the side of the Supply Core building in Rockford. 

To bolster support for this important initiative, JumpFly President Michael Marchese told the office that if the fundraising goal was met, he would donate the additional funds necessary to go Over the Edge himself. The JumpFly team rallied, and Michael stayed true to his word and pledged the extra amount necessary to rappel down the building with the rest of the fearless participants. 

JumpFly CTO Rob Abraham, HR Director Denise De Lisle, and Senior Account Managers Jeff Kramer and Dain Ferrero all took the leap alongside Michael – and had a blast doing so.

JumpFly would like to recognize and thank the JumpFly employees who donated to this worthy cause and those that went Over the Edge for GSNI. 

This was an incredible event organized by an outstanding team at GSNI. JumpFly is thankful to have participated in such a worthy cause. 

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