While our team of experts is the heart and soul of JumpFly, the technology we have developed in-house serves as one of the primary tools used to ensure our staff provides the account management excellence JumpFly is known for.

The software created at JumpFly not only solves problems and creates bridges where gaps exist, it also saves time and protects the advertising investment of our clients by keeping their advertising efforts on-track based on their unique preferences. 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, our software is keeping a constant watch on JumpFly client advertising accounts all without taking a break or having a cup of coffee.

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PPC Advertising isn’t solely about getting the clicks – it’s also about managing properly structuring the entire operation, including the landing pages where your clicks are driven. There are certain standards that should be adhered to in order to complete the full circle of digital advertising setup procedures. Not all agencies follow these standards, and as a result, most end up with less-than-satisfied clients.

JumpFly’s technical team is comprised of highly motivated industry leaders who have over 40 years of network and software engineering experience. This means when JumpFly clients need to implement conversion tracking code in order to better manage their internet advertising efforts, they will not have to wait for various technical people to coordinate properly and work together.

Here at JumpFly, we don’t believe in unnecessary delays, so we have built a team of all in-house experts to ensure whatever custom work is needed can be done on-site without delay and correctly the first time.