yahoo-gemini-mobile-advertisingDecember 16, 2014 – JumpFly’s Yahoo Agency Lead, Melissa Gerber, visited JumpFly’s office to lead a presentation about recent updates to the Yahoo Gemini mobile advertising platform. The Gemini interface serves search ads on and its partner sites on tablets and smartphones. Before Gemini, all of Yahoo’s mobile search traffic was served by Bing Ads.

With over 550 million monthly mobile users & growing, Yahoo recognizes that mobile is the fastest-growing market segment, and they are working hard to innovate how our users communicate, consume content, and search for information across multiple devices. Yahoo Gemini helps advertisers reach millions of people directly on their mobile devices with smart, integrated, multi-channel campaigns. New campaign insights, targeting options, and personalization technology ensure that campaigns are not only seen by a large audience, but seen by the right audience.

Melissa specifically explored valuable new features available via Gemini mobile advertising and best practices to maximize results. Yahoo is exploring new ways to encourage users to move forward and make a click or call. These new features are likely to attract the user’s eye, take up more real estate and result in higher CTRs for advertisers.

Founding Partner Brad Garlin stated that, “Since these new features are still in beta, we cannot share the details that were explored. However, we are excited by what Yahoo is working on and always grateful to be included in new beta opportunities for our clients. Sometimes, implementing new features early, for the right clients, results in an amazing ROI.”

About JumpFly:
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