180x150xyahoo-visits-gemini.png.pagespeed.ic.-Em3iJTPZiApril 16, 2014 – JumpFly’s Yahoo Agency Rep spent a day at JumpFly to introduce and provide best practices for Yahoo’s new Gemini Marketplace. Until recently, Yahoo’s mobile search ads were available via the Bing Ads platform, but soon, they must be accessed with Yahoo’s Gemini platform, which provides a unified marketplace for mobile search and native advertising. With Yahoo Gemini, advertisers can now buy, manage, and optimize their Yahoo mobile search and native ad spend all in one place. Yahoo Gemini is available through Yahoo’s existing advertising platform, Yahoo Ad Manager.

Native advertising is an online advertising method in which the advertiser attempts to gain attention by providing content in the context of the user’s experience. Native ad formats match both the form and function of the user experience in which they are placed. The advertiser’s intent is to make the paid advertising feel less intrusive and thus increase the likelihood users will click on it. The word “native” is used to refer to the formatting of the advertising materials to make them appear more consistent with other media in the recipient’s universe.

In this case, “native ads” refers to what Yahoo previously called Stream Ads, which enable advertisers to be seen within Yahoo’s content stream. Yahoo believes that when advertising appears seamlessly and naturally, it creates a more enjoyable experience for users, increases engagement, and improves performance for advertisers. Ads automatically adapt to the device type, whether computer, mobile or tablet. Yahoo’s native ads appear on the Yahoo homepage and in the following Yahoo products: Mail, Mobile Search, News, Sports, Finance, Celebrity, Movies, TV, Music, Travel, Homes, Autos and My Yahoo. Native ads are clearly marked as ads, but they look and act just like the other stories on the page.

“We are always happy to have Yahoo visit our office. As usual, our knowledgeable rep shared valuable information and helped bring our team up to date with Yahoo’s latest innovations,” said JumpFly Founding Partner, Brad Garlin. “Ultimately, JumpFly clients benefit from our relationship with Yahoo. Our team is always on top of Yahoo’s latest developments and best practices in order to maximize results from them.”


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