According to a recent blog from Yahoo, they have been testing a new service called Rich Ads that lets advertisers add video, images and custom search boxes to Yahoo search ads (view example). The results appear as “Promotional Results” that can combine the relevance of search with the impact of rich media.  A small group of advertisers tested it in the fourth quarter of Yahoo Launches Rich Video Ads2008 and saw click-through rates (CTRs) rise by as much as 25%. Yahoo further states that these advertisers have also seen improved brand exposure and conversion rates.

The Rich Ads in Search program is currently only being shared with a small number of brand advertisers at this time and enables them to:

  • Post images and video, which can increase the branding impact of search advertising.
  • Create deep links to relevant pages, which can help drive conversions directly from the Yahoo! search results page.
  • Include boxes within the listing that lets users search for their desired product or a store location directly without additional navigation.
  • Show their logo, which enhances user trust.

This service should eventually be available to all advertisers. The Rich Ads appear as “Promotional Results” next to the search listing.

I suspect that we are in the midst of the Great Online Video Revolution. YouTube has already taken the world by storm and has been testing video advertising with YouTube Sponsored Videos. However, Google has not yet made the jump to include video ads within search results. However, I suspect it is just a matter of time. Yahoo is first to market with this concept, but if and when Google chooses to move, they will likely takeover the online video advertising market. It will be fun to watch this evolve over the next several years. If you are looking for custom web video production, Webivore has done a nice job with videos for several of our clients.

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