An interesting feature that I like in Yahoo Search Marketing  accounts is the Watch List.  You can add individual keywords to a watch list, which then puts a little flag indicator next to the keyword.  You can also put Ad Groups and Campaigns on your watch Yahoo! Search Marketinglist, but I find myself using the watch list at the keyword level the most often.  You can then use this watch list flag indicator to quickly get a view of all those keywords you consider your “big-hitters.”  These watch list keywords can be ones that are performing well that you want to stay strong on, or they could be keywords that have the potential to overspend if not watched closely.  However you want to use the watch list, it’s a nice way to filter out a potentially cumbersome list of keywords into a more cohesive list.

One way I like to use the watch list in particular is to keep quick tabs on every keyword that has ever tracked a conversion within an account.  That way, even if a keyword doesn’t necessarily trigger a conversion in a certain week, or month, at least I have that quick visual indicator that shows it has triggered a positive action in the past.

If you’ve never used it before, I suggest you give it a spin.  It’s another nice little organizational tool you can use to your advantage.