Yahoo Network DistributionYahoo! announced they will launch their new Network Distribution on Tuesday, January 19th, 2010.  This upgrade to Yahoo! Search Marketing will allow advertisers to optimize their marketing campaigns and bid separately on Y! Search and Y! Partners.  This is an exciting development in the Yahoo! Search Marketing platform because pay-per-click (PPC) advertisers will be able to see which arena works best for them so that they can adjust their campaigns accordingly.

After the launch, Yahoo! advertisers will have 3 targeting options for their campaigns:

1. Entire Network – includes Yahoo! Search and Yahoo! Partners
2. Yahoo! Search – includes all Yahoo! owned and operated properties and co-branded sites
3. Yahoo! Partners – includes all Yahoo! Partner sites (similar to Google’s Content Network)

Advertisers will be able to premium or discount bid (by percentage only) on the Yahoo! Partner Network, but not the Yahoo! Search Network.  This will allow advertisers and PPC Management Companies to customize their Yahoo! Partner bids in order to maximize their ROI from potentially undesirable sites. This is something we at JumpFly are happy to see arrive as we have been hoping to see it for quite some time.

Also announced is the new Google AdWords Importing Tool that allows advertisers to easily take their exported Google AdWords campaigns and import them directly into their Yahoo! Search Marketing account.  This innovation is going to be a huge time saver for advertisers and Pay Per Click Marketing companies because it deletes the tedious step of having to convert third party changes prior to importing Google AdWords campaigns.  Hooray!  We love time saving tips and updates like this here at JumpFly.  These types of changes make us way more efficient and just plain happier to be working in the Yahoo! Search Marketing platform.

Nice work on the updates Yahoo! – Keep ‘em coming!